Shiekh Saleh Fawzan answered a question asked by one Muslim on How to deal with a work colleague who doesn't pray. The Shiekh simply said that the one who doesn't pray is an infidel and must be killed.

according to this Fatwa u have to waste ur time and interrupt ur work to do something as useless as praying so that ur colleagues would be happy and pleased with u, otherwise they will kill u cold blooded.

what is really amusing is that the comments on the video are all defending the Fatwa saying that the shiekh said he must be killed but didn't tell the man who asked to go and kill him ... how cute and naive they are :))

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Well, we humas have a horrible tack record when it comes to learning from history, but I sincerely hope this won't last too long. In Europe of the Middle Ages and other places and times (remember Khomeini's Iran? Not that ist much better right now.) this crap was institutionalised and it takes ages to get back onto the road to reason. I believe the key to this is getting better living conditions for the people in general. Religion tends to go awry when they have a large base of poor and under-educated people to work with. Give a guy a job and some consumerism to look forward to (buying a TV and going on holiday sort of stuff) and he'll have other things on his mind than go and kill heretics.

i agree with u on that one

No. I just refuse this kind of "waiting" for freedom. Because it never comes by itself. It's like saying: "Let's wait for the hungry people in Somalia for 1000 years so they can live a natural selection that will make them no longer suffer from hunger" :(

I totally agree that waiting problems out is not a solution. I just make the point that if this thing (religious fundamentalism) gathers enough inertia, its going to be difficult to get rid of. History tells us that that is a very probable reality.

I dislike this as much as you or anyone else. But there is no magical solution. You and me debating this here are going to have very little, if any, impact on the outcome. It is people like Marvel, who, at the source of the problem, can make a difference, by blogging and posting on the Interwebs or whatever other means they have.


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