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Undoubtedly, this title will attract criticism from those who believe that Darwinian Theory is only a text message that says: ‘There is no God, We have descended from Apes!’ and that ‘Islam’ is another word for ‘Terrorism’. Those are likely to find ‘Shajara Code Decoded’ a hard book to comprehend.

It is now 150 years since the first publication of: ‘On The Origin of Species’ on the 24 th November 1859. The book that stood the test of time and did rank close to the claimed divine books in the way it has influenced history, yet it is still the subject of heated debates around the globe.

When people talk about ‘Darwinian Theory’ they are likely to refer to the notion of evolution. However His book discusses multiple integrated theories that are not well understood by his extreme enemies and extreme friends as well. I may summarise his theories in a few points:

Charles Darwin
evolution or creation, evolutionist or creationist shajara code decoded

1.      Evolution: This is the most famous. It denotes that the biological world is constantly evolving from simpler to more complex forms.

2.      Common ancestry: All ‘organisms’ in each groups share a common origin, and that all ‘groups’ ultimately originated from one common ancestor.

3.      Graduation: The evolution cannot be noticed from one generation to the other but it is a very slow process that happens over a long period of time and involves too many generations before a new form of species is established.

4.       Natural Selection: the biological genetic mechanisms works selectively in supporting the fitter to survive.

Contrary to what it is perceived, in his book: ‘The Origin of Species’, Darwin did not talk about humans in particular, but about biological life in general. He has extensively discussed the various mechanisms that govern evolution. Also He did not speak about religion or whether God exist or not, as it is commonly but incorrectly assumed. It was a book of science written by scientist.

This marvellous work however was soon hijacked by Western atheists to justify their ideology and rejection of their birth traditional story of ‘Adam and his little rib’. It was also hijacked by politicians who imposed atheism in the former Soviet Union to justify banning all faiths. Eventually, the acts of both abusers provoked blinded religious preachers to reduce his work to the common text message that ‘there is no God and we are monkeys’. Thus Darwinian Theory, which was once a scientific work, had been bent too much to serve purposes that its composer did not intend too. There is no difference in such abuse between ‘Stalin and Lenin’ –dictators-, Richard Dawkins – athiest- or Harun Yahia –mysterious blinded Muslim advocating creationism.

Darwin himself was an explorer, an honest scientist who renounced his birth faith when it contradicted reality, but remained searcher for the absolute truth with very open mind.

His journey on the Beagle echoed a response to a claimed ancient divine call:

[Say: `Travel on earth, and see how He originated the creation. Then Allah will initiate the second creation in the same manner. Certainly, Allah has power over all things] Qur’an 29:20.

His humble submission to the power of nature resembled the path of ancient prophets when they parted from their own societies and journeyed in search for the truth.  His conclusions, though more searched, were not very different from Ibn Arabi who pioneered the concept of Ape-like man, over 800 years before Europe has picked up the work of ancient Muslims scientists and built on it.

It may sound like a joke that Darwin died Muslim, for those who ignored the meaning of the word, the message it refers to as well as fourteen centuries of Islamic civilisation. In its linguistic roots, ‘Islam’ means: ‘humble submission’. In religion context it means: ‘Humble submission to the divine power’. In practice it means: ‘being in harmony with the natural world that God has created’.

Although Darwin has loudly renounced Christianity and refuted the divinity of Jesus and the Trinity, his birth faith’s doctrines, he never became atheist as his claimed later followers imply. When asked about his religious views, Darwin wrote that he had never been an atheist in the sense of denying the existence of a God, and that generally ‘an Agnostic would be the more correct description of my state of mind’.

The Qur’an, full of coded messages, was revealed 14 centuries ago. Six hundred years later, Ibn Arabi was the first philosopher to compose the theory of evolution based on Qur’anic interpretation rather than scientific evidence, in his book: (Uqlatul-Mustawfiz or Controller of the wonderer). It was only 800 years later that Darwin was exposed to this Islamic philosophy and was inspired to prove most of it scientifically. It is reasonable to assume that the same divine force which revealed the Qur’an inspired Darwin at the correct time to initiate the human exploration in the origin of species. This exploration continued after him to provide the answer for his missing link, from ancient scriptures, when human intellect ‘evolved’ enough to understand it. This is enough to suggest that Darwin, who was not known to discuss theological matters since he renounced Christianity, was a Muslim; just unaware that the word Islam, in its basic meaning, refers to  a state of mind, an instinctive humble submission to the supreme creator, not a club that requires membership or permission to join or leave!

Since Islam in essence is Christianity without Trinity or divinity of any humans, most Christians who renounce the classical form of their faith, but not reject the existence of divinity one way or the other, actually strep into Islam, even if they don’t recognise that. Darwin has fulfilled several major criteria that make his humble submission before the power of nature is a step into the Islamic arena. This is what made his faith at his deathbed a mystery to so many. He was definitely neither Christian nor atheist. Yet, he was humbly submitted to the powerful findings of his life experience!

Shajara Code Decoded provides detailed evidence how close Darwinians findings were as compared to so many ill understood passages in the original Arabic text of the Qur’an. It also opens more doors for researchers and open minded scientists and philosophers to explore other venues in the origin of species that Darwin was not aware of. His curiosity to find such evidence of evolution provoked humanity to reason the misunderstood divine books, instead of blaming God for the ignorance of the ancients and contemporary preachers who created the myth of creationism.

No evidence can be provided on internet website, but the detailed evidence is in the book that discusses the origin of species from the ancient often misunderstood scriptures. ‘Shajara Coded Decoded’ is for people who reflect!

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