Apparently Christians have made a new date for the Apocalypse... again. O.o

Okay... umm... so I was surfing youtube and I came across a bunch of videos made by various Christians claiming that the "Rapture" was to happen on May 21, 2011. I'm like WTH?!

First of all, I wondered how they came up with such a date, and second I wondered why they weren't following the crowd and saying that "the world will end on December 21, 2012?"

So I googled it... and came up with this...



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There are no words to describe these wastes of gray matter.
I think that the new strategy is just to label as many dates as possible as the day of the apocalypse. That way, if something catastrophic does happen, chances are that it will be close enough to one of the dates that some group can claim victory and proof of divinity.
It's an important year in my personal history! ^_^
According to these brainless ones God created me [I was born] in the very year [December 16, 1988] that began endtimes... now I'd like God to reconcile that with his Just and Good nature? lol
May 21, 2011 huh? Is that using the Julian or Gregorian calendar? lol

I also love how they state judgment day as 'Judgement Day!'. As if the end of the world is a wonderful day to look forward too... It's amazing that anyone can seriously believe this bunk.
Gregorian Calendar - read the pamphlet and you'll laugh yourself to death! lol
I have several friends who are extremely intelligent and religious, though none of them are of the fundamentalist persuasion, they do, nevertheless, believe in the supernatural and god. I think it's genetic.
You have said it right. Religious people are not bright, said in one sentence, as if they were, then they would question the bible.
Didnt Christains kill in the name of a god without question. How bright can you be??
Why is it they relish in frightening their followers.
I disagree with you that ALL religious people are "not bright." Athough most have the intelligence of sheep, there are bright ones who have been brainwashed since they learned to talk and only those with a high ability of critical thinking [such as me] have even a CHANCE of breaking free of religious indoctrination. And that can only be done by the person themselves. Their entire view of reality is distorted. Like Dawkins said, they are subject to a HUGE delusion, one that clouds their entire reality. However, Delusional is not necessarily consistent with stupid... and trust me this is a GOOD thing for atheists! The intelligent ones have a chance to wake up. I was once religious and because I have only been atheist for a short time I remember it well. Like the people in Brave New World, I was convinced that I was happy when I was not, I was convinced that any questioning was morally wrong. It was not until high school that one day I woke up and the dream that had appeared beautiful was revealed as a nightmare in disguise.
Religious people are completely controlled. They have unconsciously ceded their ability to reason to the "collective." Just like in any cult, they can be any age, race, gender, class, intelligence and they still act as members of the Collective because they cannot think for themselves. That's why I think arguing with theists is pointless. They have to open their mind to critical thinking and even just thinking for themselves before they can begin to take even a word that we "heretics" say seriously.
I can't fucking WAIT to prove how wrong they are again. I love this shit.
I wonder what they'll do when the end doesn't happen? lol
The same thing that's happened to all the other cults that prepared for the imminent end, continue on, readjust the date a couple of times, and then pass into obscurity.
May 21st? Dangit, why couldn't it have been a week earlier, it'd be cool to have Judgment Day fall on my birthday. :)


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