Apparently 23 year old mothers still have "phases"...

A little back story might be in order, I'll try to keep it short and sweet.
My parents were married, made me, got divorced, dad got their marriage annulled (leaving me a bastard in the eyes of their church), he met and married a woman who was getting ready to take her oath (or whatever) to become a nun, they have 2 children who attend a Catholic school.

I just graduated (May 11) to teach high school science. I found a job listing that states "As a Christian school, we do require that all candidates be a professing Christian, agree with our Statement of Faith, and attend a Bible-believing church." on our local "help teachers find jobs" website. I posted this to my facebook, asking how exactly it was legal for a school to discriminate on the basis of religion. Got some interesting answers but that's not the real issue. My stepmom has since sent me several messages about how I shouldn't teach at a catholic school (not something I ever even considered) because it will be difficult for me. (again, I never said I wanted to teach there, just posted the contents of the ad to question it's legality)

Which has lead to such uplifting statements as:
* You will be expected to teach the teachings of that particular faith, and not just your own version of the world.
* Buddhism by the way, is very different from atheism.It is an actual religion with beliefs. Atheism is the absence of any beliefs. (not saying atheism was ever a religion, but the whole, we have no beliefs thing kinda stings, to me it's like saying you have no thoughts...)
* I understand that you are an Atheist, so you do not have any faith or beliefs at all. So I think it would be hard for you to teach anything remotely spiritual because you would be required not only to teach the faith but also live the values of that religion. (because I'm some horrible floozie who runs around murdering babies and having promiscuous sex with... oh wait, I'm a mother, a wife, a a college graduate with a TEACHING degree)
* Everyone is human, but when you are to be an example to kids, you have to get it right.
* A lot of people have the gift of faith because their parents/family took the time to help develop and nurture the person's faith, and tried to live as a good example of that faith tradition. (in any other instance we would call this brain washing!!)
* Sometimes in young adulthood people want to turn away from faith, but then later after having children, they realize the importance. (yes, because if I don't have god to threaten my child with, how the hell will I discipline her)
* (personal favorite nugget here) It is different than teaching Science or History or English because those subjects are based on facts.
* I pray for you every day that you will experience God's love and come to have faith in Him. I can't imagine what my own life would be without God. it would be very empty, hollow and I would be lost. (let me know how that works out of you. Is it wrong that I feel bad for HER?? seriously, my child and my husband (his redneck baptist self) fulfill my life and I don't think I could ever feel empty or hollow with them in my life.)

My question is... what do I say that is NOT the sarcastic mullings I have posted here? I honestly don't want to hurt her. She is a part of my family and I don't want to come right out and say "I think you're an idiot living your life chanting to someone who doesn't exist". (although she DID play the I'll-pray-for-you card...)

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Wow, I think I would also be speechless if this were said to me. I think that you should explain to her that you had no intentions of working for a religious school and I also think it's best to correct her misconceptions. Teach her, don't attack her :) Good luck.
Do you love life, love your friends, love beauty and goodness and truth? You really don't need to say much. Facebook is all about little quips and this is one of those things too large to be put into a pithy little three sentence paragraph.

A nice, little stinging reply would be: "And not one of you answered my quote directly. Hmm. Wonder why..?"


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