I found this site through the "Atheist/Agnostic" category on stumbleupon.com, and when I first saw it, I was truly intrigued. As I poked around a bit, I was astonished at what I found: an online community where rational, logical discussion can be had about religious, social, and political issues - with no fear of the Bible being thrown in my face. After a couple of days of viewing discussions and looking at the photos - some general research, I guess you could call it - I have finally decided to join the community. 

That being said, I suppose I should actually introduce myself. 

I am an 18 year-old woman who considers herself to be, at this point in time, an agnostic anti-theist of sorts. If you have any questions about that, feel free to ask me. I have noticed, however, that I am starting to lean towards the atheist end of the spectrum, but am currently still questioning things. 

As I have just graduated high school this past May, I am still living in a household with my father, stepmother, brother, and step-siblings, who are all actively involved in a local church, which I am still forced to attend on the Sundays I find myself with my father and not at my job. I have yet to approach the topic about my lack of religion with him, and I have no idea how to without getting myself kicked out of my house. If anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciative, but I'm not hopeful. As for now, my plan is to wait until I leave for college this August. 

I look forward to participating in discussions soon. 


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Greetings and felicitations Kelsey.

From a Hard Atheist geezer!

Yeah, I live in Texas and (unfortunately) will be staying in Texas for college, so I definitely understand that. The way I figure it, I will tell anyone who asks me the truth because I refuse to deny my beliefs, but I won't go out of my way to announce it. That's how I have been with my friends up to this point, and for the most part, it has worked pretty well. Come to think of it, I think my family members are the only ones who don't really know. 

As for being Latina, I actually am :) I'm Puerto Rican, actually. 


One way to "buy some time" is to tell your parents the next time they want you to go to church w/ them that you are exploring your faith and want to attend a different church. Now a perfect church to explore those options would be the Unitarian Church. They hold no expectations and are quite comfortable with your believing what you want. Not being a follower of Xtianity or even being agnostic is not a "deal breaker" for them. I dated an American Unitarian years ago and was amazed at how liberal her religious thoughts were. In my mind their universal attitude of acceptance almost makes them irrelevant as a theistic institution. They are certainly the lesser of organized church evils.

Just a thought.....  

First of all, Kelsey, welcome to TA, where some may think as you do, and some may not - that's what free thinking is all about - secondly, August is not that far away.

At 18 years old, there is much for you to learn and discover, and if your smart, that's how it will always be.

I concur.

Nice to meet you!

If I have to submit to a label and I dont, I prefer Free Thinker.

But I will refer to you as what ever you chose to call yourself.

Wait till August.

I've been homeless and I dont recommend it.


Just realized this is over a year old.  Welcome anyhow, Kelsey, even if a year late.


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