Anyone listen to music that expresses their views on religion?

I've been listening to some music that expresses some of the atheistic views that I have, and I was wondering if anyone else would like to share any songs or artists that they like?

A couple of my personal favorites are R Way by Rebelution and Best God in Show by NOFX.

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I personally don't like to listen to any music with religion or politics in them. But i do often find myself listening to a few bands that would fit the atheist bill, but few ever publicly say they are atheist or we interpret the songs wrong. I love Tool and APC but they are two bands with one member in particular that shares his views on the world through his lyrics. Maynard is certainly a hard nut to crack and i don't think anyone will ever crack him that doesn't know him personally. If I had to pick what he sings about most i would say human condition and not religion, but Tools last album had a great deal of religion in it.

There are bands like creed whose lyrics are often called religious but in interviews the lead singer states he doesn't really follow religion and uses his songs as questions to himself and those around him. Other metal bands are sometimes overly anti religious with their music and to me it just makes it as bad as bands that are overly religious.

I like a good mix in between, but more i just like the music the lyrics could all go away tomorrow and i wouldn't miss them. few bands have excellent lyrics that actually mean anything other than stringing together words that sound cool.

This post may seem like i am not a huge music fan but i am. Music is a large part of my life as i am a musician myself. I don't use lyrics because to me it is all about the music not the singing.
For me there's a tune and a lyric for every occasion, when I'm driving along, I'm looking for thoughful, angry, political tunes

When I'm dancing, I want them to be sexy, like hip hop and R&B

For studying, I like even keeled sounds, like certain soundtrack composers, such as Maurice Jarre, Ennio Morricone

For house parties I like Jazz

One thing you'll never hear with me is Christian or country tho, that's my line!

I saw Erick Schwartz last year, at a private backyard concert (love those), and cried myself with laughter over such sons as "keep your jesus off my penis".
yeah i have heard of the song keep your jesus off my penis, while funny i tend to just tune out. To me thats not music but more of a political statement. I get enough of that from the internet. But it's all in good fun and can appreciate it all the same.

Why choose Jazz for a house party? I love Jazz but for a house party. If it is mushroom Jazz i can understand that but putting Miles on at a house party. Would this be a dinner party with conversation because I could see that?

I am not into country music but there are some christian bands, minus the words of course that are really good musicians.

I like hip hop but would rather techno to dance to, been to alot of clubs and hip hop dances just dont cut it for me, has to be more energy.

I cant really listen to music while studying unless the topic is boring them i will listen to folk music or something soothing.

It's funny I dont like the lyrics that much but I know the lyrics to a great many songs and often win when i watch those karaoke shows.
that's funny, I think I'm allergic to karaoke, but I like bonfire songs :)

As for Miles, oh yeah, in Quebec AND Yukon, we talk as we party! Miles oh yes, and in bed too! LOL

I spent some time in S.Africa and got to appreciate techno, European bending techno, sry don't know the jargon, but fell in love with the sound of Darude, Paul Okenfeld, Tiesto, but on this side of the ocean, I rarely hear anything other than boom boom boom, or the occasional drum n base, which I have NO idea how to dance to!!! LOL

PS, Carribbean parties/limes were the absolute best dancing I ever had in my life, and they ALL about sex, no matter how god fearing the nation, how odd, how nice !
Recent finds:

No Dogma. Culture Kultur.
Jesus Christ Never Existed. Low Pressure All Stars.
Baba Brinkman.

Till this moment I did not know there was anything like Atheist Pop Music, thanks for this heads up.

I always related to the cure. They personified how I felt growing up catholic. You can see his contempt for religion in his facial expression.

Bad religion is my favorite band, I recomend God song, quality and quantity, and atheist peace.

The punk band Pennywise, I recomend the album "Fuck Authority" especialy the song my god.

I like Burzum a lot too, he is a one man band from norway. He's not an atheist but a radical practicioner of the aincent odinic religions of the norwegian people. He hates christianity, which he sees as the primary cause of the demise of his people's culture, and the main contributor to global-anti-individualist homogony. From him I recomend the song Dunkleheit, and En ring til aa Herske (one ring to rule them all).

Also the dead milkmen, with their songs methodist coloring book and serrated edge.

Also if you're into metal you should check out the early work of black metal band Rotting Christ. 

Remember the Christian Rockers called "Creed"? Here is some rare footage:

Is there some reason why your avatar is so washed out it looks like someone highlighted it with a mouse?

My Halloween party fog machine !

No, we didn't play any CREED.


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