Anyone here ever actually browse through a Christian Forum!?

I got bored this evening and decided to have some fun.  


Instead of having fun and laughing at the silly remarks of the Christians - I became appalled at some of the threads.  


This is one for instance ...


I mean how can anyone be human and attempt justify the bible passages that specifically talk about slavery and slave ownership / slave obedience?  


You have to literally be out of your mind ......... 


Another thread that nicely supports the top link ..


I bet most of those voters have never sat down to read the an entire book out of the bible in their lives.  Much less have studied the textual criticism that goes along with hundreds of years of scholarship.  


THIS ONE MADE ME LOL (Then made me sad when I read it.)


"Imagine the chaos on Earth if magic was allowed" 


"When even the paid experts from the other side say this planet is 4.6 billion years old and humans have only been around for only so long, it is not 100% certain whether magic existed or not because we don't have any witnesses that have seen the planets life cycle from the beginning to the present day.

Your opinion is based on assumption, just because we don't have magic users today doesn't mean it existed at an earlier time...


Are these people seriously THIS OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY? An ASSUMPTION that magic never existed!?

I pity that person.

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I Rather like the poll, which goes on to state "Please no debating or defending your view(s). If you would like to debate this topic please start a different thread. This is for polling purposes only. Thank you."
The thread then runs for TWENTY FOUR PAGES!
lol ... true.
Lmao! thanks for the laugh! the harry potter was hilarious! No magic! ha, wtf do you think god is?
"The horror....the horror...."

The pastor told the mother to burn the books and get rid of the movies.


Yeah and book burning is always the best solution.

Freaky site.
Yeah, after the first 2 reasons, I just closed the browser.

I actually signed up to several Christian forums a while back because there were some questions about Biblical dates and the resurrection and such that I couldn't find the answers to online. I also joined a Muslim forum posing as an Islamic man to find out what the best translation was of the Qur'an before I went and bought one.


All of these forums make me head hurt. They are essentially similar in space as TA is... offering a safe space for like-minded people to encourage one anothers' views and answer questions along that same grain. So as you can imagine having a whole bunch of theists online in one space unchallenged amounts to a whole lot of base, unchallenged assumptions, the main one obviously being that there is a god in the first place.

No, but sometimes I randomly Google up christian blogs whenever I'm researching things like Exorcism for a story I'm working on.

I have a present for you:


Showing it to my religious and non-religious friends.

There are things like this:

full of outright outrageous claims. He wasn't even there, he was on the phone and long-distance commanded that the torches of Satanists invading a house be put out--YES GOD DID IT HE DID. I doubt there were ever satanists or torches--someone was likely having a delusion.

Even the religious friends I shared it with were all sort of..shocked. In another entry he talks about the craziest conspiracy I've EVER HEARD:

In the far away place of British Columbia, Canada.

Children are apparently born and live outside the system

then, while they're still young, are given a satanic mission and then killed.

This one kid had two of these 'earthbounds' after him!

...if they're so common, how often do the women of such a group have to be pregnant to send 2 at a time after people? and not even important people--a KID, who, from my mind, probably is making this up and is being encouraged to have these delusions.

This person actually thinks he is doing good, saving people from "demons" and nonexistent things--I doubt any of what he does is true, and I doubt any of what he's talking about happens. and if it does? I bet it's all lies, and he is just really good at convincing people of things--that they're possessed, that he saved them.

I wonder how many people stumble across his blog and believe his stories. I hope, really, not many. I have one friend who believes that places can be possessed--that supposedly they have bad energies that can attack you, when I suggested it was just that she felt bad about being in the place, and scared of being alone, in the dark, she refuted it with 'there was just something bad about the place', and that had to be enough.

I did not press the issue because she's one of the few writer friends I have to discuss stories with.







HOLY SHIT, people. Can anyone be convinced with fancy words and soothsaying? Am I one of the few sane people?


Yeah, that's what I'm thinking as well. I'm a writer too--and most of his "victories" seem a little too perfect to be real. Reminds me of the movie Constantine, but with more bible and holiness and saying prayers over water to make it special--also a lot more things that make no sense--like the "earthbounds".

But there's always that danger--of someone reading the stories, being taken in by them, or believing what he said and taking it as face value--or asking him for help when they have a legitimate problem that needs to be solved.

I can't click on them yet but WOW!!!

Here is another great one.


Here is one of their article titles.


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