I'm noticing christians more often using the washington monument as proof that the founding fathers intended for the United States to be a 'christian country'. Even though the monument wasn't built until the mid-1800's. Supposedly the words 'laus deo' (praise be to god) are written at the top of the monument. I wonder if it's really up there to start with, and if it is, why? who? what for?


Thoughts? Ive tried google but I get tons of faith based (and biased) websites about it.

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It was placed on top in the late 1800's....way after the founding fathers were dead dead and during the height of the Third Great Awakening when many American Christians thought Armageddon was coming.
exactly what Jason said. lol
just like when they altered the pledge when they thought we were going to be over taken by Communism.
Just as Jason said, it wasn't placed on the monument until far after Washington and our other founding fathers had passed. Funny thing is, not only was it not put on there until then, but it isn't even the first monument to Washington.

Washington Monument / Boonsboro, MD / Built July 4, 1827 (7am-4pm) Finished Sept 1827
Washington Monument / Baltimore, MD / Started 1815 and Finished in 1829
Washington Monument / Washington, DC / Started 1848 and Finished in 1884

And that's only the ones I've seen personally. But the one in Boonsboro is touted as the first monument to George Washington.
Actually it makes sense. Especially when you consider a certain racial class of humans was not even considered human at the time.
YES, Christians always want the Ten Commandments posted in schools and to have Christianity taught there, but if you ask ask them should Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Mormons, etc. have the same right they go ballistic.


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