My therapist recommended that I consider going to an Al-Anon meeting. I don't know much about them. I went to AA in college (for myself) but,...

Just wondering if anyone has any pointers or knows more of what to expect and what it is about. Thanks!!

PS My son is with his Dad so I may go TONIGHT! Hoping fo get some quick feedback/advice. Thanks!

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Sounds like strange advice to give someone who does not drink alcohol. Were you given a reason as to why it would be worthwhile? I would have thought a therapist would be better able to do for you whatever AL-Anon could do?

I thought it was a little strange too, idk, She recommended Al-Anon maybe since there' so many addicts in my life? I guess that is why I don't know. I think Ima go to this meeting and see what's up at least.

It will make you realize that you are not alone in having a shitty life.  No, seriously.  It is a group that you can speak too.  The AA meetings I went too were not for AA but they were happy to have me and for me to speak about my problems and to tell me their problems.  It's unity in knowing you are not alone in your suffering.  

Keep an open mind about it but also realize they might pressure you to accept a higher power.  That part made me very uncomfortable because at the time I was completely deist leaning towards a 25% woo comprehension of the universe.  So I told them I choose a Lion because it could eat me one vs one and they were like oooookkk...but consider choosing something else or you won't get better.   

Well I did get better but it wasnt praise jesus stuff, it was just more spiritually based and this was in Virginia too.  

Or, when you tell them you're not alcoholic...they might insist you are in denial.

Fortunately, you haven't been sentenced to do this, or you'd never get out without "accepting" that you have a problem...etc.

I went once with my friend, it was an evening of people talking about their drinking problems and how they've been able to cope with / get over them; and for people who are involved with drinkers.  A good supportive atmosphere at least, nobody was too "low" to be respected. 

Here's a good programme on BBC Radio 4 today:  "How to turn your life around"  (listen now, download from Tuesday) 

Im never going to anything like this again


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