I love a good documentary so I was excited to see a commercial for a new doc called Sons of Perdition. I'm not sure if this was the first time it aired on television or not, but it came on last night; I made sure to keep a death grip on the remote so no one could change it on me. For those of you who don't know anything about the film, basically it follows a handful of young men and women who have run away or been exiled  Jeffs' Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) out in Colorado City, AZ and what happens after they leave.

Now I have a tendency to cry at certain types of films (Soul Surfer pretty much had me sobbing by the credits) and this one was no exception. I found it to be absolutely heartbreaking, some of the things these boys and their female family members went through and still go through. I'm pretty sure there were more times when I was practically seething with anger while I muttered at the television than the tears though. As I told my younger brother, who was watching it with me, it's things like that that's just one reason why I'm an atheist...in the past, I normally haven't had a problem with religion in general, but that's all been changing in the past few months. I guess this film has been one more thing to help me realize just how harmful religion can be. How anyone can use religion as a crutch to marry off girls at 14, abuse women and children mentally and physically, and brainwash someone is just light-years beyond me. 

Anyone else who's seen the film and had some thoughts on it?

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I'm an ex Mormon. I haven't heard of the film, but I've heard of the problem of elder polygamists taking all the women and the young men being exiled. "Son of Perdition" refers to a mainstream Mormon concept of outer darkness--reserved for the most sinful--those who have full knowledge of the truth and deny it. Most people end up in a lower "kingdom of Heaven." Outer Darkness is the closest thing to Hell in Mormon theology, but it is reserved for very few. I'm becoming more intolerant of these brainwashing ideologies. I was terrified me 40 years ago and still am, only now it's because I see how much power they have.


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