Anyone else believe that the film Religulous failed miserably?

I have deep respect for Bill Maher. It just boggles my mind when I think about why he did what he did.. He had a great opportunity to reach the masses with a great message, but failed miserably.. I have never been so disappointed with a film. I know this is a delayed response (taking into consideration the film was released a while back), however, I just watched the film for the first time last week.

Everyone tells me that it was meant to be a comedic film.. but I am sincerely pissed off. He did everything wrong. He cut and edited everything horribly to only show discussion that either defamed his opponent or furthered his message. Nobody wants to watch intelligent discussion with edits every 5 or so seconds. Furthermore, his arguments were weak and not well thought out. There was nothing in the film that was attention grabbing, it was the same, dull attack on religion the entire time. This film was an embarrassment. He had a real opportunity to reach millions of people.. and he just made a fart joke instead.. At least that's how I see it.

When I say that it hurt the atheist cause, I'm saying that it failed

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I suffered through it. I just kept hoping it would get better, but it never did. I find him amusing on rare occasions, for the most part I don't think much of him. I don't watch TV so unless I find it from an internet source, I have no idea what goes on with what is on the idiot box.
whats so good about jesus camp?
Jesus Camp showed the negative effects Evangelical Christianity is having on the youth of America.
I enjoyed his film. I wholeheartedly think that religion deserves to be mocked at times, especially now, - and I believe that this was his goal: mockery.

I think you expected far too much from this film, and I do not think Maher is to blame for this.
lol I just Picked up a movie guide book of when movies are coming to new zealand and Religulous is set for movie release on may 7, 2009


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