Anybody in history ever actually believe but also reject Gods offer of redemption of sins?

This just hit me today - Is it even possible for someone to actually believe Yahweh and Jesus are real BUT also at the same time reject them and accept eternal damnation?  I have never ONCE heard from anyone in my studies on religion of a person who satisfied both criteria.  

Christians will sometimes confuse Atheism with people who believe in God, sort of because they think God is just obviously there all around us through miracles and nature, so they think everyone else must also 'know' God is real but that we deny his love etc.  But his is obviously a misrepresentation of our position.  

Just curious if anyone knows of an account of someone who firmly believed it's all true but also rejected the offer of salvation for sins.  That would be interesting to discover...

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In a related matter, I can recommend the movie The Rapture, which is NOT a pro-religious tract movie, and in fact might be viewed as the opposite. A woman (Mimi Rogers) who has been faithful to God suffers one tragedy after another and when the rapture comes, she makes an unexpected choice. Stars David Duchovny and Patrick Bauchau as well. Highly recommended,


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