This is just a throw-away discussion.  Nothing in depth or meaningful - unless you choose to share the meaning behind your Ink.  Oh, and by Ink, I mean tattoo!  I was just curious.  I just got my first one two weeks ago, and already had plans on the second.  No, as a theist, I did not go with a stereotypical cross design, nor will I with the second one either.  Mine have more meaning to me than that.  My first one is of my Wing Chun School's crest.  It's on my right shoulder and contains hidden meanings within it regarding the knowledge of the art.  I got it because I am a life time member and now instructor of this lineage of Wing Chun, and it contains significant meaning in the fact that I have been wanting to do something in my life like this since I was fifteen years old. 

As for my next tattoo, I was thinking of inking the Japanese Ronin symbol in scarlet red on my left chest along with a phoenix that extends onto my left arm.  The Ronin symbol is my take on the Scarlet Letter and my now defunct relationship with the church I worked in.  The phoenix is me rising from the ashes of that Hell the SBC calls a Christian society.  My little way of saying to them "Fuck YOU!"  Sorry for the language.

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No his father was not Japanese and it would look funny if he wrote the name in Afrikaans and he also wanted something different. His father died when he was 5 so it is very special to him. A lot of his friends do the tribal thing and he did not whant that, he said if something had to happen to me my name will be his second tatoo. 

Your sons name that is nice and personal. My one brother had his wifes name done on his arm, a year later they got divorced. Not a clever move to have a wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or husbands name on your bod. 

Not a clever move to have a wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or husbands name on your bod.

Unless you make the tattoo into a score sheet, kinda like fighter pilots do on their planes. If you have that kind of sense of humor. :)

Here are the picture ideas for my left chest and left arm: 

Ronin Tattoo  and Phoenix Tattoo

The Ronin kanji will pretty much look the same except in scarlet; the phoenix will be different, but I selected this photo because I like the anatomy and detail in this rendering of the bird.


A Sobering Tattoo Commercial

Well, I am off today to drop off the tattoo designs to the artist.  Based on what I give him, he is going to do a custom job so I am excited to see what he comes up with at our next appointment!


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