This is just a throw-away discussion.  Nothing in depth or meaningful - unless you choose to share the meaning behind your Ink.  Oh, and by Ink, I mean tattoo!  I was just curious.  I just got my first one two weeks ago, and already had plans on the second.  No, as a theist, I did not go with a stereotypical cross design, nor will I with the second one either.  Mine have more meaning to me than that.  My first one is of my Wing Chun School's crest.  It's on my right shoulder and contains hidden meanings within it regarding the knowledge of the art.  I got it because I am a life time member and now instructor of this lineage of Wing Chun, and it contains significant meaning in the fact that I have been wanting to do something in my life like this since I was fifteen years old. 

As for my next tattoo, I was thinking of inking the Japanese Ronin symbol in scarlet red on my left chest along with a phoenix that extends onto my left arm.  The Ronin symbol is my take on the Scarlet Letter and my now defunct relationship with the church I worked in.  The phoenix is me rising from the ashes of that Hell the SBC calls a Christian society.  My little way of saying to them "Fuck YOU!"  Sorry for the language.

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I have phantom ink. That is, I have many planned, but haven't done it yet. I'm kind of particular when it comes to my body, and don't want _just anyone_ etching their art into my skin. So I'm waiting until I find an artist I'm 100% comfortable with. 

My hubs has a full back piece. Unfortunately, his artist died years ago. 

Too bad you don't live near Frederick, MD.  I would know the perfect artist.  His name is Alfie.  He is the owner of Marks of the Spark in Frederick, MD and is a multi-award winning tattoo artist.  He's also been featured in Ink Magazine.  He did my first one and will do the next one too.

Got my first from a few months back. It is of the electron spinning around the atom at the quantum level and of the Earth in orbit. It also was done just as Voyager is about to leave the Milky Way. It looked back and saw our “Pale Blue Dot”. The red “A” is for Atheism.

Here is a pic

Cool!  I know what the red A is for, and I think adopting the red letter A for atheism is quite a clever adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter (one of the perks of getting a BA in English Literature is recognizing the symbolism in almost everything).  As I mentioned above, I am going with the same theme with putting Ronin on my chest.  It is the scar I bear for standing up for what I believe in, in the face of a daunting authority who claims falsely the idea of spiritual righteousness.  If I am to be marked by such an institution, then I will wear my mark proudly - transforming the mark from one of shame to pride (similar to how atheists have adopted the A and transformed its interpretation - at least that's how I observe it).  I'll post my tattoo in a bit.  I should have posted it earlier, but couldn't find my USB adapter since the picture is on my phone.  I found it now and am going through setup

I was supposed to read the scarlet letter in sixth or seventh grade. It was soooooo boring for little pre-teen me that I still have a complex about reading 'classics.'

Don't feel bad.  It was boring.  I had to read it twice.  Once in high school and then again in my Amercan Literature class in college.  It didn't get any better the second time around, but at least I understood it well enough that I never read the whole thing and still received an A+ on the paper the class had to write on it.  The only thing I liked about it was how the mark of shame became a symbol of defiance against Puritanical society.

Hey that's awesome! What a great design!  ;)

I'm not going to put a picture of my finished tattoo up here as it is on me, but here's what it looks like from my sketch pad.

It goes from the top of the left shoulder  near the neck (but still covered by the collar) sweeping down and across the chest from left to right. The tattooist added a bit more to the lower wing tip, but over all this is what it looks like.

Everyday I still look at it in the mirror and think that it's awesome. That also has a lot to do with seeing the sweeping motions of my own handwriting in every line.

Very nice!

My son 19 got one a few months ago, The family does nt approve.  I love it and understand why he had it done, it is very personal to him. His late fathers name in Japanese between his shoulderblades running down his spine. 

Jorita, does the family not approve our of religious concerns, or is it more culture - then again, it could be a mixture of considering religion and culture are often blended together in older societies? And, great to hear that you support him - as a good mother should!


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