Any TV shows cancelled while they were still really good?

Sometimes shows go on a bit too long after losing direction or inspiration before they are cancelled. The X-Files, Alias, and Twin Peaks come to mind. But then sometimes they cancel a show while it's still in its creative prime.


One show that comes to mind in that regard is Lie To Me. Based, if loosely, on actual science, this show about a human lie detector had a number of well-defined and fascinating characters. Tim Roth played Cal Lightman, a behavioral psychologist specializing in microexpressions, especially as regards telling if someone is being truthful. Kelli Williams played his partner, a psychologist specializing in body language. Among the supporting characters, the standout for me was the luminous Hayley McFarland who played his daughter, the one person who had the power to read and confound him. Although she sometimes displayed the bad judgment and recklessness of youth, she could also display a wisdom well beyond her year when it came to her father.


I really miss this show. If you're unfamiliar with it and have Netflix, watch it there.


What is your story? (Let's stick with programs recent enough that someone in college today might have seen them.)



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My faves were "Max Headroom" and Jud Hirsch in "The Law".

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Behold! My words through My prophet Nielsen:


Quality is not -- only Quantity is.

Three stars I give unto thee: nielsen ratings / demographics / cash flow


Go'st thou and read:


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Party Down! Check it out.

I doubt anybody will know what this is, but The Oblongs was the greatest animated show I've ever seen. It only lasted 13 episodes, but it was so funny. It starred Will Ferrell and Jean Smart in a show about a mutant family living under powerlines.


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