Any TV shows cancelled while they were still really good?

Sometimes shows go on a bit too long after losing direction or inspiration before they are cancelled. The X-Files, Alias, and Twin Peaks come to mind. But then sometimes they cancel a show while it's still in its creative prime.


One show that comes to mind in that regard is Lie To Me. Based, if loosely, on actual science, this show about a human lie detector had a number of well-defined and fascinating characters. Tim Roth played Cal Lightman, a behavioral psychologist specializing in microexpressions, especially as regards telling if someone is being truthful. Kelli Williams played his partner, a psychologist specializing in body language. Among the supporting characters, the standout for me was the luminous Hayley McFarland who played his daughter, the one person who had the power to read and confound him. Although she sometimes displayed the bad judgment and recklessness of youth, she could also display a wisdom well beyond her year when it came to her father.


I really miss this show. If you're unfamiliar with it and have Netflix, watch it there.


What is your story? (Let's stick with programs recent enough that someone in college today might have seen them.)



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I was mad when they canceled Lie to Me. really liked that show :(


another that comes to mind would be The Event. show was so-so but then they showed the cliffhanger and OMG i wanted more. 

No Ordinary Family and Flashforward aswell.


now that i look back, these shows knew that they were going to be cancelled so they should atleast have given us some kind of closure but instead they leave us with cliffhangers. :(

The Event has been cancelled? Damn ...

One word: Firefly.

Firefly is probably the best show canceled way too early.

I agree, Firefly was a very good show. Arrested Development was also very good.

Best show ever. 

I thought the cancellation of Lie to Me was unbelievable. The show was terrific. Tim Roth (twitter @TRHooligan1) states he has signed a contract with Fox but doesn't have a project yet there. 


Other cancellations where I said "Huh?" would be NUMB3RS, Boston Legal, and Law & Order (the original and Criminal Intent). I was also distressed over the cancellation of The Good Guys after only a few episodes. It was a very funny cop show. 

I loved Numb3rs and Boston Legal.

Oh yeah - Numb3rs ... that's another one I miss and can't understand why it was cancelled.

"Firefly" of course. Canceling that was a crime against humanity. There are extremely few TV shows where the chemistry between the whole cast is that perfect right from the start. FOX is really great and not promoting and then canceling good shows

"Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" was awesome too

"Stargate: Universe". Grrr. Finally a Stargate show that isn't a shallow action comedy, but actually a character drama. No wonder the Stargate fans hated it. They always hate episodes that focus on the characters instead of the action. Also a really awesome soundtrack. You can see that they looked a bit at "Battlestar Galactica" for inspiration - yet very unique

"Carnivale" on HBO. I can see why it never caught on that well and it was incredibly expensive. But they ended it on a pretty large cliffhanger.

@ Steve


T: TSCC - yup, I also was not happy when they cancelled this.


SG:U, however, missed the mark because they inspired themselves too much from BSG (which I loved, btw), while at the same time leaving nothing of the essence of the two previous SG series. Unfortunately, this looks like it sounded the death-knell of the SG franchise ...

Stargate didn't start out as an action comedy. SG-1 arguably didn't take off until about the third season, but it wasn't until the fifth or sixth season that it stopped taking itself seriously. It always had comedic elements certainly, but they didn't become so dominant until later on. It's a gradual, but radical shift when you compare episodes from early and later seasons (also evidenced by the gradual dumbing down of O'Neill into a clown).

SGU was a departure in style, but not so much in the tone when you compare it to the beginnings. And both previous series also had episodes that were more serious, that put more focus on the characters instead of the outside action. They were always some of my favorites and a somewhat sad reminder of what the show could have been if they really tried and did so consistently.

The franchise would also be dead if they had done another shallow fluff piece. SGA could have gone another season, but the whole thing had really gotten stale and needed new life.


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