I know we've done quite a few discussions about the various atheist-freethought themed songs and music that we all like; I thought I'd "flip the switch" and ask the alternative question.

Are there any christian or religious bands, or songs, that you happen to like? Bands like P.O.D., Skillet, and EARLY Evanescence come to mind - and for you old schoolers like me, how about Stryper? ;)

Right now I have to admit that there is ONE song by Skillet that I actually like - a lot. Not enough to go to a xian lovefest concert of theirs, but this song is actually pretty good. It is called "Awake and Alive", and I have to admit I dig it. A lot.

Does anyone else enjoy (even if you're in the closet about it) some songs/groups that are decidedly xian?


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Jack White nearly became a priest instead of going into the music business, and he's one of my favorite artists right now.  But not a lot of his material is actually religious.

I still like some Amy Grant. I'm a rebel. 

I like "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison and that "Hallelujah" that plays in Shrek. The bands are not religious, but you could say the songs are. I don't see why I wouldn't like the songs, I mean, I don't care what the guy who wrote it believed. I just like the songs because they are beautiful.

Hallelujah is by Leonard Cohen, and it is about sex. :p

I recently sold all of my old Christian CD's to a used movie/music/bookstore. I never listened to any of them anymore and I couldn't stand them being around reminding me of how closed-minded and dumb I once was... I used to be really into contemporary Christian music and praise and worship songs. I still like Skillet a lot and Plumb has a few good songs too.

My 3 favorite composers are Beethoven, JS Bach, and Mozart (who is by far my favorite). I sang in a LOT of choruses when I was younger, and I have to admit I loved singing many choral songs. The Lacrimosa movement of Mozart's Requiem is my fav piece of all time.

Anyway, one of the songs we sang in HS chorus had a line in it that I still love to this day:

JS Bach. He is cool. He wrote Jazz for Sunday School.

(for those not into music history, Bach is credited with inventing the unusual timings, syncopation, and feel of what we call Jazz today)

Anything by Anberlin. They are not really a Christian band, rather a band made of Christians, but they do have a few songs that have a religious tone to them, but I still like them.

And then there is Matisyahu, who is one of my favorite artists.

And I also like heavier bands like The Devil Wears Prada and UNDERØATH

Then there's lesser known bands like EleventySeven and TwentyFour64.

same here

Starflyer 59 I still listen to.
You can hardly understand anything he says (partly that's me just not hearing lyrics but music) and most of the songs are just about life, and IMO it's great music.
Stuff that I listened to after breaking out of Christianity but rarely listen to now:
Jars of Clay Every once in a while for nostalgia, some of their stuff not even bothering to tag a Christian line.

Plum (same as above)
Five Iron Frenzy ( for lols and memories of shows I'd been to)

Viva Voce

The only reason I mentioned Evanescence is that they got their start as a xian band, and started on that xian label (can't remember the name right now). Their first mainstream hit, "Bring Me to Life", has the lead singer of 12 Stone - a xian rock band - singing the duet with Amy Lee.

I forgot about Flyleaf - they're definitely on my "some of their stuff I like" list, too.

Would anyone count U2 as a xian band? They have quite a few blatantly religious songs...

I would count U2 as a religious band, I don't care for them at all their very vanilla. Evanescence kills me, It's like one of those noises only dogs can hear, but I can hear it and it makes me want to dig my ears out with a spoon. Good topic man.

I love the credence clearwater revival. I don't know if that counts, but their always singing about jesus this and lordi that, but their really good anyway. 


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