I know we've done quite a few discussions about the various atheist-freethought themed songs and music that we all like; I thought I'd "flip the switch" and ask the alternative question.

Are there any christian or religious bands, or songs, that you happen to like? Bands like P.O.D., Skillet, and EARLY Evanescence come to mind - and for you old schoolers like me, how about Stryper? ;)

Right now I have to admit that there is ONE song by Skillet that I actually like - a lot. Not enough to go to a xian lovefest concert of theirs, but this song is actually pretty good. It is called "Awake and Alive", and I have to admit I dig it. A lot.

Does anyone else enjoy (even if you're in the closet about it) some songs/groups that are decidedly xian?


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CCR is legendary!

Despite detesting Country music, I actually like Devil Went Down To Georgia by Charlie Daniels. I also have a soft spot for Creed's Eyes Wide Open, since it came out right around the time my own son was born. The rest of Creed & Daniels can fuck right off though...

Religious bands and music - holy cow there is an upside to being profoundly deaf. Thanks for brightening my day !


Judith vd R

Blindside, Thrice, Mutemath, Joy Electric / Starflyer 59, Extol, As Cities Burn, Sufjan Stevens

All of these bands have faith-based lyrics (often bold), but their musicianship is so fantastic that I really couldn't care less.

One of my favorites has to be Flyleaf. I've noticed with their music that a lot of it CAN be religious, but it really depends on how you'd like to interpret the lyrics.

The group Justice was a funny one, because, their songs on their first album, never said anything religious at all, the lyrics (at least, from the songs that had lyrics) we're completely agnostic... and I just loved all their music... but then I found out that there are many extremely christian parts! The album is called "Cross", and they have songs called things like Genesis, Waters of Nazareth, Valentine, and Let There be Light... they even have a massive, brightly lit Christian cross with them on stage when they preform...

But, they never say anything about religion whatsoever in their music, and I really love the sound of their songs... so I'm ok with it.

Stryper, Rez band, Michael Bloodgood, Steve Tyler (not THAT Steve Tyler although I love his music too). I used to really be into praise & worship music, but naturally that's gone. In fact I roll my eyes involuntarily when I hear it now. 


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