I was just wondering if anyone has ever came across any good secular arguments against gay marriage. All I ever seem to hear is about how being gay is immoral, and they get that immorality thesis from the Bible so it doesn't really apply.

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@Kris Feenstra

You say that separate but equal is not equal. I get it in the case of race: the facilities for blacks were less clean and less comfortable than those for whites. What is the crucial difference in the case of separate and equal arrangement for marriage vs domestic partnership, if the only difference is in the terminology? Once again, a rose is a rose by any other name.

I probably didn't read it. Every reply of yours is like a term paper, and while I like ThinkAtheist, I have a life outside it as well. Give me the Readers Digest version. Maybe you'll go on about me not reading your entire posts, but you obviously use the "bury your opponent under a mountain of verbiage rather than being concise and direct" approach to winning an argument. It may fool others; it doesn't fool me.

Any good reply can be condensed. Condense it.

Like I said, "Any good reply can be condensed. Condense it."

You don't really want a discussion, you want to drive the interlocutor away by making it too much trouble for them to engage you.

You just proved my point.

Yada yada yada.

Like I said, if you had something to say, you could boil it down to something quick and easy for everyone to comprehend. Instead, you hid behind a wall of words.

You didn't really want a discussion, you found a way that usually works to avoid it.

You're a success.

But I don't think most people bother to read your long-winded, overblown, bloated essays.

Incorrect. The idea that every concept and position can be condensed down to a sound bite is false and usually held by those who don't want to have to think too hard. Some ideas and positions actually require in-depth analysis and an underlying knowledge base that cannot be assumed. Otherwise, all textbooks would be mothing more than simple one-liners and one could become a PhD in physics in an afternoon.

It is based on the idea that being gay is a sin and we should not legally allow such a sin to take place. However being married if the woman is not a virgin is a sin so the argument holds no true ground. And losing your virginity is almost always certainly a choice whereas being gay might not be. As a christian I think that the argument against gay marriage is stupid and it should be legal.

If (and it's a huge "if") it could be shown that children of gay parents are severely disadvantaged in some way, that would be a point against gay marriage. But we already let crack dealers marry alcoholics and have children, don't we?



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