Any pro-choicers here? Especially any that followed Angie the Anti-Theist through her abortion drama?

I have been subscribed to Angie on YouTube since before all this abortion stuff, she has some really good videos about all sorts of atheism relevant stuff! :D Plus she's one of the few females who make atheist videos for YouTube. So I love her. ;)

She's also here are Think Atheist of course too, so you can friend her if you want:

She's now, according to her Think Atheist profile, "Dealing w/being the new poster girl for abortion. WTF world. I wanted to be a poster girl for *atheism*. Epic facepalm."

Because, as I first saw when she posted it here at Think Atheist:

She shared via YouTube that she was going to have an abortion... and was going to be live tweeting it. And she did!

I hope most of you know what I'm talking about. If not there has been quite a bit of media coverage and you can look through Angie's videos starting with "Abortion" and moving through the next few ones she posted for more info. You can check her out on twitter and backtrack and see all her tweets - she links to her twitter account in the video description.

Anyway, I was looking through links Angie posted on twitter and somehow ended up here at Jill Stanek's anti-abortion blog (specifially at her articles about Angie):

and here:

And the articles are just SO anti-choice and distort Angie's story HORRIBLY, and 95% of the comments are pro-life and scary. I feel like they need some pro-choice commenters to get at least 1 of them to think a little bit about some of what they're saying. But I can't even figure out how to comment - can someone here figure out how to comment there? If so, can you leave a good pro-choice comment and also tell me how to comment? LOL.

I think it's just what is needed over there. Some pro-choice comments. Non-christian pro-choicers if possible.

By the way this is who Jill Stanek is:

Ah now what category does this fall under... I think it comes down to what you believe an embryo is exactly and that is part of scientific discussions as well as medicine because of what abortion is - a medical procedure. So I'm putting this in the Science: Evolution, Cosmology, Medicine, etc. category of discussion. I almost put it into Political Zoo but even though it is a political issue, I don't think it SHOULD be a political issue... so I'm not categorizing it that way.

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Of course, when this all started I wasn't representing a cause or atheism or every abortion. I was just talking honestly about how I felt - relieved, glad, happy, in pain, scared, nervous, exhausted, bitchy, and then suddenly on the news. I realize people will have "ammunition" against me in any form they please. They can go to my blog and read about my mental illness or my lack of emotional attachment to that fetus. But that's the thing about honesty. People don't always like it and it isn't always pretty or polished.
I can appreciate how things get out of hand. I'm in tower cranes and did a interview for a story a few months ago about how we are safer. The editing and choices of words left in a phrase chosen by the reporter about how we used to erect cranes like "amusement rides." No Bueno.

I was reading, knowing what I was reading was Jill's side, and I was left feeling, (I don't have the right word). I can only imagine that she's (Jill) choosing tweets with intent, but I was left unable to pick up and move to your side of the story. I will get to your side because I have appreciated your posts before. I don't know that many of the anti-choicers are going to do that.

I'm not trying to take a hack at you, I'm just noting how I see it playing out. I hope that it's all settled down for you, except for me an my shovel.
I was just making an AU One Tree Hill fan-video today (because I make fanvideos all the time, that's what I do, check out my YouTube channel lol:
and an AU one means "Alternate Universe", basically completely different than the plot of the tv show, like fanfiction in video-form). And so I was looking through scenes from One Tree Hill. This 1-minute long scene is I think very relevant to this discussion:
It's what the show that was and still is super popular with teenagers is portraying as true - that even if you get pregnant in high school, you should have your baby - if you have an abortion you're full of regret and sadness and as the girl who had an abortion says in that clip I just linked to, and I quote: "You think it's gonna make everything better but it doesn't". It seems realistic, they don't bring up religion or any of that stuff, but a scene like that makes a girl think having an abortion would be a horrible idea. Because look at how sad you'll be if you have one. And it doesn't make everything better! But wait - doesn't it? Having an abortion doesn't HAVE to be a tragedy that you regret, that's actually a lie that is perpetuated not only by the media like One Tree Hill but also by anti-choice clinics, anti-choice/pro-life advocates, and even the misinformed public at large really. Having a story that's public like Angie's is important, because it shows a lot of people, especially pro-choicers who are still worried and afraid to get an abortion because of all the misinformation out there, that having an abortion doesn't have to be something that depresses you and that you always regret. It really doesn't.

Doesn't anyone see what I'm saying?
I know where you are going, and maybe I should go and see what I'm missing now from Angie's posts versus what Jill put up. If you just read Jill's, it looks like excitement about having the abortion and not as much about the anxiety of getting it dealt with when it's best for all.
Well yeah I read Jill's stuff and she twists a lot and makes it seem a lot worse than it was... I started following Angie on twitter after she first posted her YouTube video that's called "Abortion" (because I'd only been subscribed to her YouTube account before that, I loved her interesting atheism-related videos, but that video of hers told us she'd be live-tweeting her abortion and to follow her on twitter). To me her tweets just seemed honest, but it was very unique for someone to be this public and honest about this one thing in particular which does have such a social taboo. I could see how someone who views abortion as murder might consider her tweets about this" process of murder" to be a bit horrifying, but to me they were more refreshing and interesting and eye-opening even. People who are unfamiliar with how lots of people use twitter might not understand it either but twitter really is often just sharing what you're thinking/feeling/doing at any specific moment, and what she was doing was just that.
Watched the vid, read again without noting Jill's thoughts. I understand the reasoning, I support the right to choose and this particular choice, but I'm digesting it. It may be as simple as how words come off to the reader versus how they are written. I know that I've written some things in my life that haven't expressed my intent. What's the difference between anxiety and laughter with out a face to express it?
I appreciate her intent more with the vid, her face, seeing Angie's emotions.
I believe in abortion, 100%.
My comment is more of a side note then an actual comment on Angie's situation (but I support her 100% and applaud her courage for being as open and honest as she was/is). I refuse to call then "pro-life" when in actuality they are anti-choice. My argument is this: pro-choice does not equal anti-life, but pro-life does equal anti choice. Many women, every day, choose to not have an abortion, and are free to make that choice. I may be wrong on this point, but doesn't China require women who have had a child to abort any further pregnancies? How would Americans respond to a similar government mandate? Required abortions is essentially reverse of what the anti-choice people want (buy would have spared the entire nation from ever knowing who Jon and Kate are), but in essence it is the same thing. It takes the very personal choice away from the mother. I think all pro-choice advocates should discard the "pro-life" label and call them what they really are, anti-choice.
Plus many of them don't give a damn about a life, if it's female. I lost count of how many death threats I've received from so-called "pro life" people since I first put this video on YouTube.
Yeah honestly I think a lot of pro-choicers value life more than "pro-lifers" because we care not only about the mother's life but like you about the life of your other child/children, and about what kind of life the baby might have if it was born! And of course don't forget that part of what makes the term "pro-life" so bad is that it implies that the "other side" is anti-life. Which is just awful.

The death threats are just insane though, and almost worse are the people who calmly and seemingly "reasonably" say (or offhandedly remark) that you deserve to die, or some kind of anti-life kind of statement, not thinking about what that logically means about their priorities and thoughts toward "God's precious gift of life" when it comes to you.


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