Apparently some christians believe it marks the beginning of the "Rapture."  What will you be doing May 22?

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"Thank you sir for your laptop! Quite generous of you!"

"Of course I'll take your car!"


The stupidest thing about the descending from the clouds bit is that the image / story makes you think that it will an obvious and unmistakable event ... but really. Only about a 10 square mile radius will see Jesus do this , so the rest of the thousands of miles of habitable Earth will just not see it? It still goes to show how the writers of the bible back then had no idea about how large the Earth actually was.....
I've actually heard the argument that in order to fulfill this portion of it being so widespread, god has waited until our present time with television and internet which would allow broadcasting worldwide. ...they truly will defend anything--no matter how ridiculous the original idea.
I will go to the cemetery with a camera because when rapture comes dead will raise from their graves, and it will make a good documentary.
Some real funny (and useful) ideas!  Maybe I should have asked the christians what THEY will be doing on May 22nd? (still ascending?)
That is a fantastic idea!
Same thing I do every Sunday... sleep in! The idea of offering believers ridiculous prices for property is pretty funny though. Reminds me of the post-rapture pet care people. :)
Not just property - I think I shall get involved in the rag trade also :-). Get your raptured shoes here. Only 10 bucks this week......


More likely than anyone decending from heaven, Christians will be waiting for a natural disaster or a bombing or some other scientifically explainable occurance that they can say is the START of the Rapture.  As I heard it explained from one christian to another, it will begin this May and there will be a year and a half of religious war, before the End of the World.  So, if God doesn't intiate the end with Christ descending from the sky, never fear. .... there are enough religious wackos in this world who are ready to set it in motion "in his name."

Well, according to MY christian, Kristin, Christ desends in May, scoops up the Saved and leaves Us to roasting torment for the next 5 months till October, when god then destroys the Earth!  It stupefies me that this is their "greatest moment...."
You have your own Christian?  Can you pick one up for a good price at one of those Christian bookstores...?
Ha!  They seem to be ubiquitous!


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