Apparently some christians believe it marks the beginning of the "Rapture."  What will you be doing May 22?

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Let's get the facts straight. The premise is that 5x5x10x10x17x17 (three "holy" numbers) is equal to 722,500--the apparent number of days ago (by May 21) that Jesus was crucified.
This preacher also issued the same type of false claim several years ago, as posted in a picture form by Red The Fronkey Hunter on this post. He claims it was wrong because [paraphrase] "we didn't have time to verify our data, but this time we are certain and have had much time to verify our formula".

I don't think the formula is very hard. Did they have a think-tank of fourth graders crunching these numbers the first time around? And how do you even get off with the idea that a couple of holy numbers will unlock the end of times as discussed in the book of Revelations to be like "a thief in the night"? Did God really think that squaring three numbers and subsequently multiplying them (I know, I know, commutative law of multiplication doesn't infer actual sequential multiplying) would be that mysterious and stealthy?

My last point (although I could probably come up with many more very easily) is that Christians don't know how to count. They had to hire Copernicus to finally assume heliocentricity so they could get their calendars right since they were missing a couple days out of the year thinking they were the center of the universe and ultimately alienating members of the church. They can't even keep their supposed blood line lineages straight in Chronicles with all the cross over and confusion there, so this is just all laughable.

I regret to inform the Think Atheist community, however, that several welfare recipients have quit their jobs of being Arkansas hillbillies so that they can spread good old Harold Camping's word and recent discovery to the masses. It is almost negligent of me to forget to remind you all that his first botched doomsday prediction has only led to more solemn persistence of praise by his followers:

"Alright guys, this time, we are super serious"

super super cereal

*don't forget to put your money in the collection tray. God is taking only the highest bidders for his low capacity resort of infinite character"
People need to wake up and realize that this world is coming to an end wether we want it to or not. Look at this beautiful earth turned to COMPLETE SHIT as decades went by and we as humans cant even enjoy what we have without somebody fuckin it up for us or us messing it up ourselves.Seems like people have no hope on where were headed to '' DISASTER''. please people wake up before its to late the bible doesn't teach us to study and learn nothing everything in revelations states what will happen before the end of times. BEGINNING MIDDLE END. The bible is so mysterious though Go figure it doesn't Go into complete detail which people need explanations theese days ON HOW WHAT WHERE AND WHEN? It's hope and faith. Basically people think that where left on this planet to Survive by ourselves to live our life's without no hope of whatever bad comes our way. We just have to deal with it, im suprised by now we haven't been sucked up by a black hole or hit by an asteroid or something? I seriously believe in God and nobody will change the way i fill about it. I fill that if people are going to lie it will only make us christians look stupid. People laugh at jesus like its a joke but from what i seen our Government/ elite is hiding way to much shit from our people that we need to find out. Nobody knows when the rapture is going to happen.? Keep it movin with our life's and be ready for whatever comes,i fill before the rapture happens alot of people will have to put up with starving to death, earthquakes, false prophets, false teachings, One world religion. Even the Christians. Jesus wouldn't just come back for the ones that love him and leave the others behind and then they realize there was a God and repent while they suffered here and then jesus comes back again for the ones who've repented. Jesus Only comes back two times not three. Whatever is to come we have to be smart and say BS to thee BS.
~face palm~ Preaching fear, fire, and brimstone does not work with us..
not preaching but explaining in my point of view, just saying alot of bad things are happening now imagine our future,not lookin to pretty for us.
A lot of bad things have happened in the past as well. In fact worse things have happened, and I'm sure plenty of people claimed the world was going to end then as well. Also I'd like to say there is plenty of hope. Hope to fulfill our dreams, hopes to do something great, we don't need an after life or a god for hope. In fact I think an afterlife is a punishment. One life is troublesome enough, why would anyone want to do this forever? Sure life is exiting while it lasts, but that's because it's only a temporary state. Now I have one last thing to say. Even if you are right and god is real, then I won't care. I would have been happy that I spent my life following my own path, and not one that was carved out for my by a petty and quite frankly stupid god. I won't be sad, I won't regret a single thing, I may be hungry though ._.

[begin meta discussion]

Dara - Do you think that it's "cute" to write like an eight year old? I would pay more attention to what you wrote if you learned to spell, punctuate, and use correct grammar. You said, "I fill that if people are going to lie it will only make us christians look stupid."  Your message makes Christians look stupid.

Would Jesus uses words like "SHIT" and "fuckin" ?

[end meta discussion]


Oh thank you.... It's like brain murder to read that shit...

It took everything in me not to mention it when I posted...
Well Tim Im not in school so therefore i write how i want, SHIT AND FUCKIN explains an action of what i said not towards someone, and basically your saying if Jesus didn't cuss why should i?. There's alot of things i do that Jesus didn't do. END OF MY discussion. thnx

You know, in a text-based medium, your writing is the only impression we have of you. Bad writing in a text forum is like walking down the street wearing soiled track pants and a mustard-stained tank top, with your hair all matted and wild! You just look like a raving lunatic and people will avoid you.

Choose your words (and your spelling) the way you would choose your outfit if you were preaching door-to-door. When someone shows up at my door to talk about Jesus, I'm more likely to chat with them if they don't look and sound like a crazy person. Otherwise I'd rather get them off my porch as fast as possible. You look and sound like the crazy person. But all I have to base that on is your words.

A few strong arguments wouldn't hurt either. Some proof of your assertions, some evidence, that would really strengthen your case

Hmmm....Well, Dara, this is America, and I suppose you have had your say.  However, this is a nation with christians and NOT a christian nation, so it's best we learn how to get along (and spell ).

I'm afraid your rant has confirmed many atheists belief that "christian thinking" is plainly illogical.

well thank yous for taking the time to correct my spelling. Very much agreed we must all get along (: !
Imma go down the road finding my new BMW with the keys in the ignition. Left behind beee-ach.


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