Apparently some christians believe it marks the beginning of the "Rapture."  What will you be doing May 22?

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No special plans yet, but I certainly won't be wasting my time looking sky-wards waiting for some bloke in a white robe to descend. I've got better things to do, like getting on with enjoying my life.
I'll probably be doing the same thing that I do everyday- wake up, go to class, fall asleep at the library for an hour instead of doing anything useful, eat lunch, study, go back to my dorm and sleep. And I may or may not be working somewhere in there. Depends on my schedule. If I remember, I may set aside a few seconds to laugh at the silly doomsayers.

I'll be flying home from my vacation.

If there were a big gathering of Christians in town square, all waiting for the rapture, I would go and join them.  I would sing their silly tunes and dance around with them if they were baptist, or I would kneel and hang my head in guilt if they were Catholic.  I'ld really get right into it, and then when the rapture didn't happen I would curse and swear and flip my middle finger up at the sky and say, "Ok, no rapture, I'm gonna go smoke, drink, swear and have fun since God isn't even real - who's with me!?"
Propose an orgy. Seems like the thing to do when god stands you all up.
Heather - You should get them to sign over everything they own because they won't be needing it after the 21st.
I'm with you, thats a great idea.

For the weeks running up to it I shall be making cheap offers to believers for their property.

That would be an excellent test as to the resolve of their beliefs :)
LMAO - but not a bad idea!

This is how I made my first million from property haha

he he! I discussed this one day in chat with some fellow heathens... and we propose asking the pious to donate their stuff to "us poor sinners left behind." [they won't need it in heaven anyway!] and then when they ask for it back on May 22... say "No takebacks! It's not my fault that your savior god was a no-show! Go talk to him!" lol


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