Apparently some christians believe it marks the beginning of the "Rapture."  What will you be doing May 22?

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I'll answer my own question. Do a google search for "origins of the rapture". You'll find all kinds of weird explanations.
Funny thing about this date. Face to Face and Strung Out are playing in Pittsburgh and I wanted to know if anybody from Think Atheist would be interested in going. I'm from Virginia so I thought it would be pretty cool to hang out. And since it's the end of the world I thought it would be fun to see a punk show first. HAHAHA!!!!
There should be post-rapture parties all over the country.Then we're rid of all those nut jobs - until the next Rapture prediction.  This shouldn't take too long. Never has in the last couple thousand years.
I don't want May 21st to be the start of anything world ending! that's 9 days before my 20th birthday! I want my birthday :(
Oh....I think you'll make to your 20th and much further than just that!  Happy Birthday, Teresa!

Thanks!! :D

I love cake haha

The Christians are wrong the world doesn't until 12-21-2012 LOL
Teresa, I guarantee you there will be no Rapture before your birthday. I'm 85, & have seen Raptures come & go. Don't sweat the small stuff - & there IS no big stuff.
I'm not making it a big deal.  I've heard of some of the crazy things people come up with and none of them have come true.  The only one I've really lived through so far though was Y2K.. It makes life interesting, that's for sure.

On May 22nd I'll be having a laugh at the expense of some of the people who have been preaching about the rapture on twitter....


And on a related story.... I was recently in Singapore when I was taking a trip to Chinatown on the *subway*. Getting off at the station and walking up the escalator and ahead I could see two people handing out flyers, one a middle aged white man, the other a middle aged white woman. I could see they were both wearing bright yellow t-shirts, and as I drew nearer I could see the t-shirts made reference to May 21st. Straight away I knew what this was going to be all about and so as I walked past the male he tried to pass me a flyer, and in an American accent made some comment about the love of Jesus (or other such nonsense).


I looked at the flyer in his hand, and with a look of disgust as I walked past I told him "No thanks. It's a shame you can't realise it's a load of nonsense". The guy looked at me and smiled and said to me "You'll remember the date though...?" As I walked away I replied that of course I would, and that I was sure we'd all still be here on May 22nd.


All the while whilst exploring Chinatown the whole thing was going through my mind, and I was getting more and more annoyed at the gaul of this person to stand there and try and promote their fear and bigotry as if it were a new local restaurant. I had all my arguments sorted in my head as I later walked back towards the station, though by the time I made it back the two had gone. A real shame, as by that point I wasn't going to let my polite exterior get in the way of ripping the pish out of them. Hopefully I'll get another chance somewhere else before the 21st.


Welcome, ODALIS!  I guess we'll KNOW FOR SURE in just a couple of days !

(this waiting is KILLING me!:^)



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