Apparently some christians believe it marks the beginning of the "Rapture."  What will you be doing May 22?

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I will be celebrating my birthday.


Congratulations, Scott                                                                                                                      

(you're still younger than I)

22nd May is a Sunday so I probably will be hungover in bed.
Got better things do than worrying over things that would never happen. What they believe dont make any sense at all. There had been a lot of dates marking the END in the past few years. Nothing has happened so far. And never will. This has been a widespread speculation, a very dumb speculation. To those wonderful human beings, who still hold these beliefs - GROW UP!

I actually got to talk to Brother Mike from on my friend's radio show Zombie Popcorn a few weeks back (something that resulted in the creation of my own show). In response to this claim I actually wrote two papers which can be found here and here. The former being written before the show and the latter afterwards.


On May 21, 2011 at 7pm ET (12am GMT May 22, 2011) we hope to get Brother Mike back on the show to ask him what happened and why the world is still here.

Who the bloody hell thinks that far ahead? O_o
Well for one I think, I will have an orgy in a church, filled with all this left behind, but if the church is full it might make for a great porno, something like, "the rapture of the second cumming".

rapture? does that mean we are IN the end of days? the middle of the tribulation? or has the anti-christ been revealed yet? so many questions to ask!


do i need to have a specific type of outfit for this? or are blue jeans and a t-shirt okay?

I'm sure blue jeans and a T-shirt are ok as long you have doused something in blood before putting it on.

Yahweh needs blood.

Happy Birthday, Joseph!  
I am going to by my boyfriend's Catholic father's house and pick up his dogs, then head over to my Presbyterian mother's house to live.  She just has way better digs than I do and then there are her bank accounts. . .Sorry Mom.
That's very sensible of you!



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