Apparently some christians believe it marks the beginning of the "Rapture."  What will you be doing May 22?

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I will waste some of my time listening to the excuses of those who will explain why that nothing unusual happened on May 21. In my lifetime the world has ended some dozen times. Typical excuses are "god changed his mind and is giving us another chance", "The world did end, but god had a change of heart and restored everything. He did it so fast that noone noticed", "We got the date wrong, it is 3011 not 2011", etc etc.
on May 22 i will be waiting for May 24 for the day my saviour was born ( me ) : ) .. yea i like my birthday... and i did save myself, from a life of believing crazy shit..
Ironically draw Muhammad day is the day before. Anyways I think it's just utter nonsense. Even if it weren't, I hardly think it will be that bad. Were a technologically advanced race. I'm sure we could take care of ourselves.
Most likely the same as everyone else, wake up, school, work.... maybe someone should throw a party?
I agree. It is too auspicious an occasion to simply let pass by. There is great potential here... imagine finally being left to our own devices!
I had no idea... I am glad you told me. It would have somewhat freaked me out to notice that everyone had suddenly disappeared. Well... I grew up in New Orleans where we had these things called "hurricane parties" the object of which was to celebrate life in the face of imminent death. Of course Katrina put rather a damper on that philosophy but I say: Laissez les bon temps rouler! The worst that can happen is to wake up on the 22nd and find the Bible Belt still heavily populated.
Wonderful answer, Anne!

Somewhere I read, "If the Bible is the perfect word of God, then why don't any two people agree with what it means."

The "Rapture" is not just a single event. There are several interpretations of the sequence of events. (  Supposedly, there is going to be a seven year period called "The Tribulatuion" when God will "remove his spirit" from the earth and wickedness will run rampant.

Some Christians believe that they will go to heaven before the tribulation, some believe during the tribulation and some believe after the tribulation. It's the people in the last group who arm arming themselves and preparing for war with the unbelievers.


Is it an american thing? i thought it was a religious thing...
Maybe they believe or accept that the earth is getting warmer but they dont care.
I will be celebrating my birthday.


Congratulations, Scott                                                                                                                      

(you're still younger than I)


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