Apparently some christians believe it marks the beginning of the "Rapture."  What will you be doing May 22?

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I had a lady show up at my door the other day with "GODS JUDGMENT, MAY 21, 2011" flyers, real doom and gloom stuff. I was amused. SO with an eager expression I asked her that if god didn't show up, could I be the one to fire him. She went blank as I explained to her how I would love to do it just like Donald Trump because its So funny how he does it. Then I did my best impression of Trump and acted out how it would all go down. In my own mind it was spectacular I even combed over my hair and pursed my lips really tight as I talked.


When I finished it took her a few seconds to reply. I suppose she really wasn't taking it well. She said something incoherent then told me that I would burn in hell on May 21 with the rest of them. Ignoring her outburst I made a super pout face and asked her if she was going to be the one to fire him then. She yelled NO and before she could say anything further I interrupted her with the happiest reaction I could fake and said "No way really? if that's the case can I come work for you? No matter how late I am, how much a screw everything up, or how many lives I ruin, I at least know you will NEVER fire me".    


She stormed off and that's when my hubby began rolling with laughter from the stairs. I'm sad though because I will probably never be able to pull that off again.

I've always wanted to tell them what I really think about what they do....never had the nerve!  I'm so glad that you did!  Thanks, Tammy.

You can all joke about "yay, the Christians will disappear." But if we pretend for a moment that any of this is true, it won't be the hateful, hypocritical frothing Christians who disappear. We'll be stuck with them, and they'll be worse than ever wondering where they went wrong. No, the Christians who would disappear in a hypothetical rapture event would be the good ones, the ones who live a good life, do good things, don't mind that you're an atheist. It will be my next door neighbours who are the best kind of good people, who also happen to be Christian.


As an aside, know what happened to my neighbours who were the best kind of good people who also happened to be Christian? Their Church decided to shun her parents for daring to think differently. When they spoke out against the shunning of her parents, they got shunned as well. They're all still Christian, amazingly enough, they just found a nicer church. Well, I didn't say they were smart, I said they were good people :)

Watching or listening to baseball.
I made the casual comment that I plan to wear something light and kicky on that day.  My co-workers didn't find it amusing, as most of them are fundamentalists. 
Hmm, May 22nd is a Sunday. I'll probably be working. :)

its i might be....doing the same thing i'm doing atm...


or sleeping...


so any idea what they gonna do when its false ? make their own little "Rapture" ?

I'll be getting over the rapture I had the night before...the 21st is my birthday and I'll be expecting a good time! lol
(Then, around noon when my hangover eases, I'll be laughing at the freaks.)
Now, THAT'S what I'm talking about!
May 22 is the last day....of the premier league season. I'll be watching footy, hopefully my Man City will be safe in the top 4 and the CL by then, but you never know, could come down to the wire again like last year.
I can't wait for 2012. I have to make fun of some of my friends.


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