Apparently some christians believe it marks the beginning of the "Rapture."  What will you be doing May 22?

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The claim is that the Mayan Calendar 'predicts' the end of time on that date, or something like that. The coolest videos I've watched incorporate the "Mayan Prophecy", Nostradamus, some American Indian folk tales, geological impossibilities, extra-terrestrial invasion, and a planet that orbits on a plane perpendicular to the solar ecliptic with a 3,600 year cycle.
I see :) Well, wouldn't it be nice if they really did all disappear? Finally a little sanity...

This sounds like a more plausible explanation:


Sort of like the year 2000 scare.  Computer memory used to be so expensive that programmers only used the the last two digits (decade and year).  The fear was the world was going to come to a crashing halt when the computers stopped working.
That is complicated!

Perhaps it merged as all things religious do.


I actually spent 3 days back-country camping with a guy who turned out to think he was going to be some sort of messiah when 2012 went all hizzy fashizzy and whatnot. I didn't know this until almost nightfall on our first day out there. Anyway, rather than kill him, I let him ramble on about all this stuff to avoid confrontation.
Friends of mine, back in the 1970's, believed that when we experienced the "Harmonic Conversion", with all the planets lining up, that central Canada was the "safest from earthquakes and floods," sold Everything they owned and moved there and.........nothing happened!  We're not so much friends anymore.

Central Canada IS pretty rock-solid - Look up the Canadian Shield (also called pre-Cambrian shield)


Don't think it exempts us from biblical Armageddon though. For that, we have only our barbed wit and Reality Field to protect us.

Wow! How horribly awkward & annoying. I've known people like that, possibly more delusional if you can believe it. Someone I knew also thought they were some kind of messiah warrior reincarnated from a life on a different planet. Actually, he apparently had vivid memories of several past lives that all seemed to coincide with some anime character. God apparently communicates to him via pop culture (movies, fan fic, anime, etc).
What a drag for you!  Although, sometimes crazy religious babble can be entertaining.  I don't know about three days' worth, though.  So sorry!


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