Apparently some christians believe it marks the beginning of the "Rapture."  What will you be doing May 22?

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Oh yeah, I think the Tribulation is supposed to get the attention of nonbelievers so they will be compelled to repent. It's like the last effing chance for all of humanity. A lot of Christians think many will convert right after the Rapture and become spiritual leaders/warriors and lead those who are "Left Behind" to Christ. Then Jebus will appear and they'll all have a party for 1,000 years. Except, of course, those that were too damn hard headed to repent.

To expand on that a little....


If you happen to be a passenger on an airliner that has a Christian cockpit - you won't get a chance to repent because the plane will crash.

Indeed, if you die during the Trib before you get a chance to repent, you're fuct. But isn't that basically true now? lol
Thank you, Cara for your mind-numbing encapsulation!  Jebus...?
It is quite mind numbing, isn't it? :) :) :)
Ignore 2nd part of response; mistaken identity.

When I was young, my grandmother explained to me that since the moment Jesus died on the cross, anyone who didn't worship him would go to hell.  Apparently there was a loophole for people who lived before Jesus, but that's another part of the mythology altogether.  Anyway, I asked her what happened to people who lived after Jesus but who had never heard of him.  She got pretty upset and said, "Everybody had heard of him by the time he died!"


Here came one of my earliest conundrums.  I asked her about the Indians (as in North American Aborigines) because they didn't even know about Jerusalem and stuff until the white people came here.  She got incredibly upset and the whole situation got ugly.  What I didn't know then was that she was, in point of fact, Indian.  LOL

i love that jesus died for everyone sins, so if no one sins he died for nothing & not only that he came back from the dead which cancels out him dying in the first place it'd be like me donating all the money in the whole to a cancer research then saying 3 days later umm lolz guys i want my money back i'm going to vegas with my pops, like wtf lol
I think "wtf lol" sums religion up perfectly.

After The Rapture Pet Care was started to take care of the pets of raptured christians.

Fear, ye siners, and bough beefor the word of the profits!!!

You, my friend, are a Genius!



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