As of now, only Oregon and Washington have assisted suicide laws. Given that Oregon had one first, and then Washington followed suit, that may be the way it spreads: from state to neighboring state. Why? Because it's easier to see that it's working in an adjoining state. Also, adjoining states often have similar cultural values.

What are your views? Anyone here actually against assisted suicide or have grave doubts about it? 


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H3xx- "Punishment implies the opportunity to learn from the punishment."

I never heard that particular angle before. One could say that the only thing many convicted felons ever learn is that they should not have been caught. 

Parole boards stick their neck out many times when reviewing a felon for parole. How would you feel if you were a parole board member who authorized the early release of a violent offender who subsequently went back out into the freeworld and committed pedophilia or rape again? Not to mention murder.

Death is "freedom" to a religious person and most that commit murder are of some faith. The other problem is false conviction/execution. If the world was intelligent they would use prisoners for "free" labor, chain gangs and such, what was wrong with these ideas in the first place and with the technology today keeping prisoners in their designated areas wouldn't be hard. This would teach a lesson and punish at the same time and probably help the economy some too?

Well a person can choose to "pull the plug" on a relative and this is not considered murder. If someone is aware of the fact they will never recover or there is no help to them and decide death is the only option available and doctors agree than it simply stands to reason that they are making the same decision as a relative of a comatose patient. It really comes down to choice in the long run.


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