Come out of your closet and take your licks. How can you back an explicitly pro-religion party that thinks women are second-class citizens, chattels of their husbands and The State, and who favors widening the gap between the rich and non-rich even more?

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Wow, '..a wanker whipping up fear!' I think this was a proper wanker wacking!

Wanking being masturbation, it generally precludes doing much else (e.g., whipping up fear) while doing it. 

So I did get it right? LOL

Unseen, I am not from the US, but if I were I would vote Republican. I am an atheist, and I am more against what Democrats stand for, than pro-GOP per se. I guess if the Libertarian party was stronger I would vote for it.

You are being unfair in the portrayal of the GOP vision. It's true that it's pro-religion, but it's very clearly pro-religious freedom as well (those who criticize atheists are not following the party line). And the point of women being second-class citizens, that's simply bollocks. And don't get me started on the gap widening between rich and poor.

The problem, Unseen, is that you measure people on their intentions (or what they say their intentions are). And the bigger problem with the Democrats is that they're full of intentions... but their policies fail miserably. But hey! They had good intentions, didn't they? An example is President Obama - a clear, utter failure in everything he has put forward (including Obamacare, a partisan legislation which will be killed come January), but as he was the "Great Uniter", he still is in the running... 

Admit it, you are as bad as the Christians: they think that if they pray, they solve everything. You think that if you vote Democrat, there will be no more poverty and the world will be a happier place.

What part of the Democrats' agenda do you fear most? Empowering women and keeping Republicans out of their bedrooms and doctors offices? Keeping the wealth gap from widening? Providing opportunities for the downtrodden and disadvantaged to improve their lot? A more fair and productive immigration policy? 

The Republicans claim the Democrats function by dividing America, and yet Republican policies tend to draw lines of exclusion due to tea party ideas. They don't want people who are pro-choice, but the welcome mat is out for "birthers" and gay-haters.

In what way is the GOP War on Women bollocks? Let's have a debate on that point!

" the wealth gap"

Why not let the wealthy grow their wealth? They earned it. Why do the poor care if the wealthy get more wealthy? I think poor people are thieves and act like pathetic victims. They feel they are entitled to other people's money. Economic equality is a utopian ideal that is essentially communist.


What makes you think 'the wealthy' have earned their wealth?  I mean, I'm sure some of them have - but there are many who haven't had to work for it at all.  Why not have a fair system that rewards people for their work rather than their birthright?

How about this, mwifjsyi - laws that state that during your life, you can't give any of your money away, and after you die, all of your wealth is automatically transferred to the government - under those conditions, how many multi-millionaires do you think America would have?

Or, how about something a little more equitable? How about, because you're living in a country that has made it possible for you to get rich, you give back more to that country than the average person, because the privilege of living here has made the accumulation of your wealth possible in the first place?

Something could be said that the employees that get paid peanuts don't have to work there or they could demand higher pay and band together to force change.  

I know many people in the restaurant business that work 2 or 3 jobs and work 70 + hours a week sometimes.  A guy from Guatemala who didn't speak any english could get a dishwasher job for $9/hour at the age of 16.  At 18 he could start doing prep.  At 20 he could become a line cook.  At 28 he could be making 14 or 15 an hour.  After learning English and gaining more work experience and learning managerial tasks he could eventually become a store RGM and make 60k a year plus benefits.  Maybe one day he could open up his own restaurant chain.  

I feel like we as employees can still write our own destiny - Even fast food has ways to move up quickly if you work hard and are passionate about learning.  

In today's world, $60 is just basic living for a single person who wants to have a nice apartment, a recent model car, and a nice vacation every couple years.


There are, at times, a lot more job openings for non-English speaking immigrants than there are for highly educated, well polished Anglophones.  I've experience exactly that in moving to French Canada where my lack of language skills has actually been appealing to certain employers.

So this comes to unions? Increasing the cost of goods? Reducing CEO compensations? Breaking Walmart up into smaller operations, or denying large market share?


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