Come out of your closet and take your licks. How can you back an explicitly pro-religion party that thinks women are second-class citizens, chattels of their husbands and The State, and who favors widening the gap between the rich and non-rich even more?

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Do you understand what a "theocracy" is? If you did, you'd realize how absurd your reference to it is. Even states with official religions aren't theocracies. If they were, England would be governed by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Iran is a theocracy. The United States' Constitution will never allow it to become a theocracy. Start worrying when you hear talk of a constitutional convention.

RE: "how absurd your reference to it is" - are you sure you can't find nicer ways to say things to people, and still get your point across?

Well, in the same vein, you could have sent me a private message, pot.

POT?!! I thought I said it rather nicely --

I apologize.  Although several current Repubs have specifically stated we do get our "laws from god" and America was created by divine intervention, strictly speaking, I agree, "theocracy" is an overstatement. 

So, let me try to edit it to possibly make it less absurd; and I will try to make sure I do not overuse or inappropriately use "theocracy" in the future.

"Yes, but as you go through their platform, so many things hinge on Christian ideology.  Yes, the Dems have Christian ideology in their platform too, but nowhere near to the extent of the Repubs.  Why not adopt positions closer to the Green Party, for example?  Theirs is an example of a platform that leaves god/religion out of their positions.  If you like anything in the Repub platform, it is so earmarked with Christian ideology that, imo, you cannot vote Repub and not vote for Christian ideology underpinning our policies - and that is precisely their intent.

It would be nice to separate the issues without tying religion to the platform, but it's like linkage disequilibrium - Christian ideology is disproportionately tied to many of the Repub positions far more than the Dems (but Obama and his "god" spouting is annoying too, at least to me)."

Is this less absurd?

And, here's a link to the Repub Platform, if you haven't already read it.  How much Christian ideology do you see here?

I expect that the often used references to 'god' in the RNC copy, could have a simularity to excessive use of the word 'not' in early english. The attempt as to make it appear that the sentence was more negative the more 'not' was mentioned. In the case of the RNC, the more use of the term 'God, the more actual or pretend commonality with religious folks could appear. Marketing....

Why not adopt positions closer to the Green Party, for example?  Theirs is an example of a platform that leaves god/religion out of their positions.

How about because they'd rather win being largely right than lose being 100% right. A professor once told a class I was in that radicals are more concerned with doctrinal purity than with winning. Being pure is great as long as you can live with being ineffective.

RE: "as long as you can live with being ineffective"

You're deliberately feeding me straight lines, right?

Speaking of Republicans, Tricky Ricky Scary Perry is back in the news:

Rick Perry: Church and state is Satan’s fault
"This separation of church and state is just false on its face,” the Texas governor said
By Jillian Rayfield

Texas Gov. Rick Perry knows whom we have to blame for that whole “separation of church and state” thing: Satan.

“Satan runs across the world with his doubt and with his untruths and what have you and one of the untruths out there that is driven is that people of faith should not be involved in the public arena,” Perry said during an evangelical conference call this week, put together by the Rev. Rick Scarborough.

He continued: “Somehow or another there’s this, ya know, steel wall, this iron curtain or whatever you want to call it between the church and people of faith and this separation of church and state is just false on its face. We have a biblical responsibility to be involved in the public arena proclaiming God’s truth.”

Can anyone tell me why this man is allowed to govern an entire state, when he belongs in a padded room with lots of medication?

Amazing. He is in office with, IMHO, an extreamist theist agenda, so why did this 'steel wall' not prevent him from taking office? Were the citizens of Texas just sleeping at the 'wall', when Perry walked through? He reminds me of a heavy handed, wanabe dictator, of the faithful! 

The sheeple of Texas voted for him.

Many there refer to him as, Governor Good-Hair --



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