Come out of your closet and take your licks. How can you back an explicitly pro-religion party that thinks women are second-class citizens, chattels of their husbands and The State, and who favors widening the gap between the rich and non-rich even more?

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I'd rather live in a poor nation of reason than a rich one of religion.

Then it's time to become a Chinese citizen. Religion never has had a strong hold on China and it is a country supposedly run by technocrats.

Please do - off you go now --

See ya, wouldn't want be ya --

Don't think it hasn't been fun, just because it hasn't --

So much love between you two. ;p

Is it that obvious?

I classify myself as a libertarian which I suppose is technically a republican.  But when I listen to the GOP candidates debate I cringe every 10 seconds from the stupidity of their comments...But I liked most of what Ron Paul said and Huntsman seemed reasonable but they were not outwardly religious enough I suppose.

Reading this thread has made me wonder....

Do I have more in common with free-market capitalists who are religious or the OCCUPY protesters who are Atheists?

For me, I take the free-market capitalists with a libertarian bent. If I can also find Atheist ones then I'm happy.

However trying to have a dinner conversation with some leftist hippy who thinks the world owes them & that the government should provide thanks. Give me the god-botherers. At least I can tune out their religious crap with clear knowledge that they are deluded from birth. The leftist hippies however have arrived at that position usually after thought & deliberation.

Being stupid after careful consideration is a far worse position than being deluded from birth.

However trying to have a dinner conversation with some leftist hippy who thinks the world owes them & that the government should provide thanks.

What about the leftist hippies who do not think the world owes them (which is actually a group of millions upon millions of people who believe in social welfare measures yet never collect on these programs themselves)?

The what now?

Reminds me of Minchin:

How so?

A(nother) dinner conversation with a leftist hippie, equally infuriating. 

I see.  Well, there may be a difference between the two.  The 'leftist hippie' in the poem is an attractive young woman who has bought into nonsense. The 'leftist hippie' in this thread may or may not be a man made of straw, which is the heart of my inquiry. 


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Things you hate.

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