Come out of your closet and take your licks. How can you back an explicitly pro-religion party that thinks women are second-class citizens, chattels of their husbands and The State, and who favors widening the gap between the rich and non-rich even more?

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Well, Sen. Boehner (whose name, in the original German, is pronounced far closer to "boner" than "bayner"), good luck with that. You're probably wishing women were still disenfranchised, but there's no going back on women's suffrage now.

Did he and the GOP just acknowledge that they have royally screwed up?

Maybe the closest thing we get to an apology...


That puzzles me as much as a gay Republican. There has to be some degree of self-deprecation going on when you support someone who explicitly and publicly makes it known they are against your "lifestyle" and want to suppress your rights. I feel the same about minorities who weren't born into privilege or anyone who isn't earning over $250,000.00 per year for that matter. Either they aren't paying attention or they are out of their minds.

And Republican policy makers know this, Alfredo, which is why they use such carrots as "no gun control" ans "no abortion," and most recently, religion, on the end of their sticks, then whip up concern that if their candidates are not elected, all of their fears will come to pass.

Basically, it's like telling your kid that if he doesn't do as you say, the Democrats'll get him!

An Atheist economic conservative is probably just as likely to vote Republican over Democrat.

Being an Atheist I care little about faith & god - so ignore those aspects of political debate. Focusing instead on policies that reduce the size of Government, Public Servants etc.

I find the republican offering more palatable (even allowing for their nut-job faith principles). I see faith as the lessor of two evils.

Note: I'm not American so I don't have a clear understanding of domestic US politics. However I know enough to see that the Obama administration & excessive debts are a problem your country will take a long time to deal with. The Tea Party are described as crack-pots both domestically & internationally. I generally prefer a liberal ethos to that of conservative, but being broke would scare me more.

I'd rather live in a poor nation of reason than a rich one of religion.

Then it's time to become a Chinese citizen. Religion never has had a strong hold on China and it is a country supposedly run by technocrats.

Please do - off you go now --

See ya, wouldn't want be ya --

Don't think it hasn't been fun, just because it hasn't --

So much love between you two. ;p

Is it that obvious?

I classify myself as a libertarian which I suppose is technically a republican.  But when I listen to the GOP candidates debate I cringe every 10 seconds from the stupidity of their comments...But I liked most of what Ron Paul said and Huntsman seemed reasonable but they were not outwardly religious enough I suppose.

Reading this thread has made me wonder....

Do I have more in common with free-market capitalists who are religious or the OCCUPY protesters who are Atheists?

For me, I take the free-market capitalists with a libertarian bent. If I can also find Atheist ones then I'm happy.

However trying to have a dinner conversation with some leftist hippy who thinks the world owes them & that the government should provide thanks. Give me the god-botherers. At least I can tune out their religious crap with clear knowledge that they are deluded from birth. The leftist hippies however have arrived at that position usually after thought & deliberation.

Being stupid after careful consideration is a far worse position than being deluded from birth.


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