Come out of your closet and take your licks. How can you back an explicitly pro-religion party that thinks women are second-class citizens, chattels of their husbands and The State, and who favors widening the gap between the rich and non-rich even more?

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If any out there still harbor warm and fuzzy feelings toward the Republican Party, let's just take a look at what a single Republican President managed to accomplish during his eight years (four "selected" years + four elected years) in office.

During that time, W:

    •    After 8 years, couldn’t find Osama Bin Laden.
    •    Lied about Iraq ’s WMD’s and ties to Al-Qaida, committing America ’s resources to pursue his personal vendetta.
    •    Tried having Mohamed ElBaradei (head/UN International Atomic Energy Agency) fired for repeatedly warning that Saddam had no WMD’s.
    •    Authorized the Patriot Act, converting the FBI into the KGB.
    •    Exceeded Osama’s score of 3300, for the number of American deaths for which he’s responsible.
    •    Appointed a crony’s roommate to head FEMA, who fretted tardiness for dinner while raging water swirled about Americans cowering on New Orleans’ rooftops ("You’re doin’ a HECKuva job, Brownie!").
    •    Cut 80% of the Army Corps of Engineers’ request for levee improvement at New Orleans Lake Pont Chartrain, to fund his war in Iraq.
    •    Signed a tax cut package primarily benefiting the rich.
    •    Proposed an offsetting budget cut, reducing appropriations for Medicare, Medicade, educational programs, food stamps and student loans?
    •    Threatened vetoing the McCain Amendment outlawing torture and human debasement, while maintaining: “We do not torture”.
    •    Authorized offshore “Black Sites” to hold anonymous prisoners indefinitely, without recourse (or witnesses).
    •    Allowed oil company cronies to gouge Americans for record gains (ExxonMobile 3rd quarter: $100 billion!), while having the power to regulate the market by releasing Federal reserves.
    •    Was certainly aware of Dick “Halliburton” Cheney’s secret meeting with these same cronies.
    •    Advocates opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to those cronies, allowing them to rape virgin wilderness in pursuit of oil profits.
    •    Let a former attorney for Chevron-Texaco head an FTC investigation into oil company price gouging?
    •    Chose a timber industry lobbyist to head the Forest Service.
    •    Put a mining industry lobbyist (who considered public lands unconstitutional) in charge of Public Lands.
    •    Installed a utility lobbyist, who represented the worst air polluters in America , head of the Clean Air division of the EPA.
    •    Made a Monsanto lobbyist Number 2 at the EPA.
    •    Made head of Superfund, a woman who taught corporate polluters how to evade Superfund regulations.
    •    Made Edwin Foulke (partner in a union-busting law firm), head of worker health and safety with the Department of Labor.
    •    Signed a Republican bill severely limiting bankruptcy protection (pushed by banking/credit card/retailing industries).
    •    Installed a Rove crony, Kenneth Tomlinson (who was under investigation for misuse of Federal funds), as Chairman/Corporation for Public Broadcasting, to nudge PBS toward the Conservative Right (Elmo’s NEKKID!).
    •    Appointed John “Mr. Congeniality” Bolton US Ambassador to the UN, behind the backs of vacationing Congress.
    •    Put Stewart Simonson, general counsel for Amtrak, in charge of bioterrorism and other public health (including avian flu) emergencies, who had no experience – (“heck of a job, Stewie?") – in public health, bioterrorism, epidemiology, or even management.
    •    Appointed nine campaign contributors, including three longtime fundraisers, to the Foreign Intelligence Board, whose job it was to “advise the President on the quality and effectiveness of US Intelligence efforts,” including a top fundraiser/former business partner, and two Texas oil men.
    •    Set lawsuit caps (benefiting those who funded his campaigns), limiting liabilities of insurance companies, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, tobacco companies, etc.
    •    Sought to privatize Social Security, guaranteeing billions to brokers in commissions and rollover fees.
    •    Authorized pressure be put on the Food and Drug Administration to stall over-the-counter sale of the "Plan B" contraceptive, despite scientific findings that it was safe for such dispensation.
    •    Appeared determined to insert religion into public schools to brainwash American youth.
    •    Retained Karl Rove as his dark Merlin, approving the Rovian smearing, through lies and innuendo, of his opponents: Ann Richards, John McCain, Al Gore, John Kerry, and John Wilson.
    •    Refused to allow UN Human Rights experts to privately interview Guantanamo detainees (allowed only the Red Cross, which keeps its findings confidential, reporting them only to the detaining power, vs the UN, which makes reports public).
    •    Pulled a disappearing act for twelve hours after the WTC was struck.
    •    Continued to vacation at Crawford for two days, as Katrina bore down on Louisiana .
    •    Wouldn't acknowledge global warming.
    •    Wouldn't acknowledge evolution as a reality.
    •    Met with Omar Bongo, President of Gabon, less than ten months after lobbyist Jack Abramhoff (convicted of money-laundering) offered - for nine million dollars - to arrange such a meeting.

    •    According to a U.N. report, had NO plan in place for governing post-invasion Iraq.

    •    Denied foreknowledge of the sale of 21 American ports to an Arab company based in a MidEastern country known to encourage terrorists, yet he staunchly threatened to veto any legislation aimed at quashing the arrangement.

    •    Demonstrated daily for the world that this country had a president who, despite his need to discuss the subject with intelligent, educated world leaders, couldn’t bother to learn to pronounce the word, “nuclear.”

I expect that this is not an exhaustive list?

Probably not, but my fingers are tired.

Good lord man, that's hilarious! And horrifying...can I post this list to face book? I have so many Romney Supporters blaming everything on Obama...I need ammo.

Of course! It's just something I collected a few years ago, in a debate with a Bushie, who called me, "Anti-American" because I objected to W's policies.

Two words: KARL ROVE.

Okay, so (referring to the subject line "Any Atheist Republicans Here? Why?" you are a Republican because you are a fan of Karl Rove?

GOP Congressional Candidate Says Mideast Turmoil Is Because Of ‘Gir...

NC-7 GOP nominee David Rouzer

A Republican congressional nominee laid the blame for turmoil in the Middle East on “girly men” in the White House.

North Carolina State Sen. David Rouzer (R), the GOP nominee in the state’s 7th congressional district, levied the charge during a speech at a Tea Party Express rally in Wilmington on Sunday. If Romney is elected, Rouzer said, those perpetrating recent violence in the Middle East are going to “cut it out a little bit [...] because now we have real men in the White House.” An audience member shouted “No girly men!” prompting Rouzer’s approval: “That’s right, no girly men.”

ROUZER: When we get [Romney and Ryan] in you are going to see a big change, you’re going to see number one that America is going to be respected again around the world. You’re going to see all this turmoil that’s taking place, you’re going to see them look up and say guess what, the American people have spoken and maybe we need to cut it out a little bit, maybe we need to tone it down a little bit,because now we have real men in the White House.

AUDIENCE MEMBER: No girly men!

ROUZER: That’s right, no girly men.

Watch it:

When President Obama was asked by reporters in December about GOP charges that his foreign policy isn’t tough enough, he responded curtly, “Ask Osama bin Laden and the 22 out of 30 top al-Qaeda leaders who’ve been taken off the field whether I engage in appeasement.”

Rouzer first earned notoriety in June when he pushed a bill through the North Carolina Senate that banned the state from using scientific predictions of upcoming sea-level rise. Stephen Colbert lauded the move in a Colbert Report segment: “If your science gives you a result you don’t like, pass a law saying the result is illegal. Problem solved.”

Some of us Mexican-Americans in the southwest have a saying about immigration "we didn't cross the border, the border crossed us" The same goes for me in politics I used to consider myself a moderate conservative. I'm a registered Libertarian because I favor a limited government; however, I don't appose social policies when they are needed and when they work. I am in favor of social security and even a single payer health care system. It seems to me that without notice someone moved the centerline between Liberal and Conservative and I ended up on the left side. This is all bullshit to me because no matter what I vote based on evidence, that is the information I obtain about candidates and propositions. Not since the election of 1996 have I voted for a republican or democrate. I was young and naive and it was the first time I ever voted. I almost always vote for libertarian candidates now unless they are complete nut jobs and I admit some of them are.

The worst thing to happen to the Republican party was that it was hijacked by the religious right.  Barry Goldwater even warned people about this back in the day.   I'm not a republican but I do miss those that weren't radically religious. 

Someone needs to fire that part of the Republican party back up so that they can wrest control from the radically religious.  We desparately NEED the fiscally responsible checks and balances and the ability to compromise that just doesn't exist with the crazies running the show today.

They were also hijacked by the know-nothing Tea Party.

Once Romney loses, which he will, the Republican Party will have to do some soul-searching if it wants to remain viable, getting back to fiscal conservativism and eschewing all the religious baggage.

OR...there will blossom a new conservative party which will split the Republican's base, which would be great news for the Democrats.

I would like to add, that the Greens could have a chance in such an alternative future also.




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