Ijust happened across this and thought it was pretty shocking! Basically the new law prohibits blasphemy againt any religion thereby curtailing freedom of speech!




Any Irish atheists battling this? and any ideas from the think atheist community on what can be done here?

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I'm as outraged as I am stunned. That this is possible in modern Europe is unthinkable.
However Ireland has always been a little bit of a religious extremist country.

I wonder how they will be able to police this.
Some things that are considered normal in one religion are blasphemous in another.
They'll all end up locked up.
Maybe we should start our own religion ik wich all other religions are blasphemous that should solve thing quickly enough.

Maybe atheists in Ireland should take advantage of the fact that theists keep insisting that atheism is a religion.


Just kidding.  But really, this is horrible.

Such laws will bite themselves eventually. We just have to wait for the first Christian to sue muslims for blasphemously calling god allah, etc. Because religions don't agree, and contradict each other on many-many points, they practically 'blaspheme' one another. Or, atheists could sue religions for blaspheming against Mother Nature, stating false things about Her.


If they decide to give credit to whatever stupidity people can come up with, then they must also give credit to our stupidity.

The reason why such legal initiatives gain traction is not despite inter-religious criticism it's because of it. The inter-religious "debates" are quite rarely as friendly, civilized and laid back as those between "militant" atheists and religious apologists. It was only yesterday that it was considered a reasonable position that maybe tones of debate can create atmospheres that really cause people with a marginal sense of reality to do really terrible things.

It is unworkable, but the in fact in many countries, like Kris Feenstra remarked it is already law. Though it is never used because other principles or laws or jurisprudence supersede them. In my country Holland this is also the case. There has been a serious argument after the murder on Theo van Gogh between sides (Christian-Democrats) who wanted to reintroduce the article and widen it and promote active application and those who wanted to officially scrap the article. No action has been taken yet.

Also some American states have laws against blasphemy. And the UN accepted an anti-blasphemy resolution in 2009. I don't know, but I do suspect because of their inapplicability: the inevitable inconsistencies they would lead to not only with the foundations of Western law and the underlying most important principles, but indeed also with respect to inter-religious blasphemy and insults, that these laws are mainly meant to be symbolic, a bid to try to regulate the tone of the debate. I think it has a shelf-life that strongly depends on it not being actually used. If so it would only lead to tragedy.

I live in Dublin. I am doing my best to get arrested. Any useful suggestions will be taken on board. I have some journalists ready to follow my case. I wear blashemy designed tshirts. I look foward to not swearing on the bible in court. Bring it on. Fuck them all. I will wear what I like. I will soon have to resort to wearing Jesus shags a sheep - one of his fucking flock tshirts- ha. Watch this space. I have ZERO respect for this law.


See also: http://www.thinkatheist.com/forum/topics/militant-atheist-found-guilty




I heart this post.  :)  


Get those journalists involved.  But I thought this law was really meant to keep the Muslims from acting like spoiled brats?  Or do you think the Jesus freaks will be offended as well?  

It's on the edge of taste, and maybe fully obscene, but you could blur some of this pic and put it on a shirt. If it doesn't get you arrested, let me know and I'll move to Ireland immediately.  http://www.thinkatheist.com/photo/jesus-fucking-christ
Thanks for your ideas. I am generally very laid back but like most people there are a few topics that set me off. This is one of them. The government that passed a law that protects the unjustly elevated position of religions in a society by threatening me with jail for “offending” the sensitivities of its followers can go F**K itself. That is offensive to me. The same government that “got into bed” with the church over payments to people who as children were raped and beaten on a daily basis for years by vicious psychopaths purporting to be serving a god want respect from me enshrined in law??

The same people who on national radio that I am forced to pay a license fee for can interview a priest who says “that Hitchens bloke would not have got cancer if he had his throat blessed” by the patron fucking saint of throats. If I ring up and complain about how I find that offensive nothing happens or I am patronised by some fawning religious muppet who sees nothing wrong because “that guy with the cancer is an Atheist anyway”.
I email a local newspaper to ask why they devote a full page to color photos of people being baptised in my local swimming pool that my taxes pay for only to be told that “it helps promotes good in the community”.

If it wasn’t for the Valium I’d be on drugs!! lol

They deserve my derision and ridicule. I would love the chance to defend myself in court for doing so. I am angry and militant about the issue. I can go Bruce Willis on it but put me in the witness box and I will be nothing but calm reason and logic for hours on end. I will make a mockery of the law against blasphemy.
Awesome approach! Its good to see that you havent yet been arrested in light of all of that which seems to tie in with the general feeling that this law cant and wont ever be really used.
I hear a Atheist Ireland advocacy group was already doing that. Pending a referendum would you think it wise to mobilize religious public opinion by trying to be the atheist Bruce Willis in an overly enthusiastic way?


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