We exist, FYI. Some of us are even pro-life.

ND HB 1572 FTW!!!

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..under that logic I could simply refuse to feed or warm a newborn and it wouldn't be murder!
What if the father doesn't want a child? Does he not, under reproductive freedom, have the right to CHOOSE infanticide? Would banning it not infringe upon his RIGHTS?

Infants become self-aware as 15-21 months. Google "rouge test".

Spontaneous abortions are as inconsequential to the question of induced abortion as cancer is to the question of murder.

So men do have the right to abort a woman's baby if he's not ready like the hundreds of women do for themselves everyday. I did not know this. In a sense, he's doin' her the favor of avoidin' the brunt of parentin'. Amazin'.
Oh, so men can't advocate an abortion for a seed he does not what but can't advocate for it to live if the woman wants to abort. I know, I know, I'll never know what it would be like to bare children. That's like sayin' it's my fault that God made me a man or that I chose this for myself.

A man is ordered to pay child support for a baby he didn't want. The judge proclaims, "You should have thought 'bout this before gettin' her pregnant" Another man is tryin' to prevent the abortion of his baby when the judge proclaims, "You should have thought 'bout this before impregnatin' a pro-choice woman".

I know it's not my body but a woman knows what it takes to get pregnant. If she doesn't then I can see ignorance playin' a role.
I thought that was quite odd too. If that were the case, killin' a baby a few months after it were born would be legal as well. That didn't help his case at all.
No, that's not the case. Our law doesn't define personhood based on self-awareness.

Google "rouge test".
thank you...i agree
if the father was really concerned about reproducing...he'd make sure he wrapped it up. or, don't have sex if you don't want a kid...check the website above my previous comment along with every parenting website. i don't think that anyone has the right to tell anyone else what they have the right to do to their own body...period...no one will control my life like that. i feel sorry for people like you...worry about things you'll never control.

bottom line is...you're opinion and other's who share it are the reason why we are still allowed to have the choice. you're chauvinist attitude, along with many other political influences (republicans...cough) is a great help to the pro-life advocates...we thank you for you're continued irrational babble...;)
My argument is more toward a father wantin' kids. And it takes a woman to make sure her sexual partner is wrapped as well. It takes two. I don't take it as women are just as ignorant as men when it comes to knowin' how a woman's body works. Men normally don't care because a woman that doesn't want to get pregnant will normally know when her cycle is & all other aspects.
Aye, & she should have that right. I just feel sorry for the babies. Circumstances are always present. I just hate how responsible men don't get to choose. Like the condom broke & didn't want the baby. Or wanted one then the woman changes her mind. That's my issue. Otherwise, no woman should have to endure abuse like that & made to keep it.
Hi, Reverend. (I do need to show you respect, right?) :) I think you're right - it isn't fair that the father has less of a say than the mother in whether a fetus he helped to create goes to term. I agree - it's not fair that the man loses any control whatsoever once the sperm and egg meet up, and it's not fair that the pressue of such a decision has to be on the woman.

I also agree that, in an ideal relationship, where both partners are on equal footing, they both have the responsibility to use birth control if they don't want a child. And it's not fair that if the women gets pregnant, she can chose to abort or not to abort while the man has no say, and if she chooses to have the baby, he's got to contribute financially, even if he wanted the fetus to be aborted. Again, I agree that this isn't fair.

But, I think that this inequality all stems from the fact that nature isn't fair. It isn't fair that women get pregnant and have to go through a lot to have a baby while all the man needs to do (biologically) is have one enjoyable evening. It's not fair because it's biology and because there's no guiding force behind it. It just is, and we deal with it.

And because all this takes place inside the woman's body, it's up to the woman to decide what to do about it. It's not fair, but it's the best way to deal with an inherently unfair situation.
Dealin' with it is not messin' with nature at all, honestly. But I'm not goin' to argue against your logic. You are correct.


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