My Christian grandmither sent me this link claiming that she was shocked that I actually did all of these things. Take a look:

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LOL It would be an Australian. 


Well at least Aussies can pronounce aluminium and oregano .....

 : p

Even "W" couldn't pronounce Nuclear (nucular) - but having an Australian friend, I must take exception to that remark. The accent may be Texan, but it certainly is not Australian!

Well at least Aussies can pronounce aluminium .....

At least with this one there is also a corresponding disagreement over the spelling of "aluminum" (Yanks don't put that second I in there).  But at least when you folks in the commonwealth do throw that I in there you actually pronounce it... not like the superfluous French U you insist on in words like "honor" and "color" but somehow not in "horror")

More to the topic I don't recall this guy's name but I don't think it's Ray Comfort.  Ray Comfort is if I am not mistaken also from Australia and is also a fundie creationist clown.  It does seem like 100 percent of all Aussie fundies end up coming here.

I do know the twang being referenced, it's some sort of southern US accent, and sometimes it almost seems to be a requirement of graduating from fundie seminary here; the only way to avoid it is to be imported after you become a fundie overseas.

You know, kind of like this shithead.

Yes Arch, it IS Australian.  Here is an exerpt from his wiki entry:-

Kenneth Alfred Ham (born 20 October 1951) is a prominent Australian young-Earth creationist[1][2] who advocates a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis.[3] He is the president of Answers in Genesis (AiG) and the Creation Museum.[4]

@Strega - I stand corrected - well, I'm sitting, actually, but you know what I mean --

The thing of it is, they know the most effective indoctrination occurs early - get 'em when they're young, and you got 'em for good - except we escaped the looney bin --


@SteveIn -

 "Ray Comfort is if I am not mistaken also from Australia and is also a fundie creationist clown.  It does seem like 100 percent of all Aussie fundies end up coming here."

Yes he is and please dont hold that against us.  He is a dickhead and he has the kind of aussie accent that even aussies cant stand, 

Here in Australia we dont have enough of that ultra fundy Christian market that people like him rely on to earn a living and he keeps Kirk Cameron in a job. He is embarrassing.

And that, Angela, I've little doubt, is why he came to the US - there's not enough of a market for his bullshit in Australia.

If I ever wanted to escape, Australia would be the first place I'd go, but my work, and those I love, are here --



You have to be very careful if you come to Australia - it could kill you.

Click to enlarge.

I think I'd take my chances with the "man-eating koalas" --

Not surprised.  An anti-theist friend of mine lives in Tasmania, and every time I talk with him about what's going on his his neck of the woods he is always howling about the fundies down his way.  We have good conversations.


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