My Christian grandmither sent me this link claiming that she was shocked that I actually did all of these things. Take a look:

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It just looked like a headache so I didn't even bother.

I got disinterested about 3 entries in.... Seems like the same crap I heard from youtube Christians, people like MegaSage007. It's just chock-full of logical fallacies, misinformation and just downright lies about atheism. 

It would hurt me dearly if my grandmother thought so little of me as to presume I acted in any way similar to what's portrayed in those entries.. 


Theres no way you could read it all - Boggles the mind ...

But just skimming through it reveals some real doozies ... Things like-

'Atheists think theyre so smart - well how do they explain death - huh???"

and the classic

"They're all like Jeffrey Dahmer and they do nasty things with dead people."


Your grandmother is either a brilliant troll, or a complete retard and you should find a way to shorten her life. Given enough careful thought, I'm sure you could find a way to mess with her meds without getting caught. Think about it.


Numerous atheists have invited me to dinner. I always turn down such invitations. Such a meal is a waste of a good baby "The baby becomes a greater food than the denier". Atheists (fools) have said that there is no God (Psalms 14:1). But true Christians should never answer fools according to their food (Proverbs 26:4-5).

I decided not to read it because, what with all the orgies, baby killings, pillaging, cattle-rustlin', tax-evading, armpit-hair growing, getting in a public pool without showering, driving down Route 3A instead of I-93 to avoid paying the toll, speeding past Bubba the cop at 1 mile over the limit, and trying to hit the suicidal squirrels that insist on running out into the road and just sit there looking at me with those pitiful eyes, I haven't got the time.  


What a bunch of drivel.

After reading a few posts, one could feel the hatred that this person has for Atheists. I pity him/her. So many posts and not even a single concrete point. Repeatedly typing 'his' with a capital H seems to be the biggest achievement of this person.

This is truly beyond hilarious! This comment is a gem

Haven't you learned that christians tell bald faced lies to support their position?

All I can say is that the individual who wrote all that crap is a very sad person.


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