My Christian grandmither sent me this link claiming that she was shocked that I actually did all of these things. Take a look:

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It just looked like a headache so I didn't even bother.

I got disinterested about 3 entries in.... Seems like the same crap I heard from youtube Christians, people like MegaSage007. It's just chock-full of logical fallacies, misinformation and just downright lies about atheism. 

It would hurt me dearly if my grandmother thought so little of me as to presume I acted in any way similar to what's portrayed in those entries.. 


Theres no way you could read it all - Boggles the mind ...

But just skimming through it reveals some real doozies ... Things like-

'Atheists think theyre so smart - well how do they explain death - huh???"

and the classic

"They're all like Jeffrey Dahmer and they do nasty things with dead people."


Your grandmother is either a brilliant troll, or a complete retard and you should find a way to shorten her life. Given enough careful thought, I'm sure you could find a way to mess with her meds without getting caught. Think about it.


Numerous atheists have invited me to dinner. I always turn down such invitations. Such a meal is a waste of a good baby "The baby becomes a greater food than the denier". Atheists (fools) have said that there is no God (Psalms 14:1). But true Christians should never answer fools according to their food (Proverbs 26:4-5).

I decided not to read it because, what with all the orgies, baby killings, pillaging, cattle-rustlin', tax-evading, armpit-hair growing, getting in a public pool without showering, driving down Route 3A instead of I-93 to avoid paying the toll, speeding past Bubba the cop at 1 mile over the limit, and trying to hit the suicidal squirrels that insist on running out into the road and just sit there looking at me with those pitiful eyes, I haven't got the time.  


What a bunch of drivel.

After reading a few posts, one could feel the hatred that this person has for Atheists. I pity him/her. So many posts and not even a single concrete point. Repeatedly typing 'his' with a capital H seems to be the biggest achievement of this person.

I think you should give your gran a hug. Some of this stuff is hilarious:

Do you know that if you make an endeavor to find out when and by whom atheism was authored you will not be able to find such information from any source? Not even the most "educated" atheists - particularly those associated with the most elite universities throughout the world can truthfully inform you when and by whom atheism originated. They can enlighten you as to who were its main perpetuators in different cultures; but they cannot identify its founder and when it actually originated.

The absence of a known author and time of origin of such a highly embraced philosophy is a strange phenomenon. But this phenomenon is highly indicative. It suggests that atheism is not of earthly origin - that it had its birth in another sphere before this state of time. Atheism is not a manmade doctrine but a doctrine of the demons. Its originator is none other than the old serpent himself, namely, satan. It had its origin from the very one it deceptively denies exists. It is a doctrine which denies the authorship and existence of its own author! This accounts for the absence of information in any literature embraced by atheists that identify both a human author and earthly time of origin for atheism

IT'S THE ONLY LOGICAL EXPLANATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

This is truly beyond hilarious! This comment is a gem

Haven't you learned that christians tell bald faced lies to support their position?


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