My guess is that this discussion has already taken place, but I'm new.

From everything I've gathered from the perspective of spectator has brought me to the conclusion that AGW is fact and that deniers were a small sub-culture whose sole motivation was to get out of paying for the destruction of the planet which has already been wrought.

This morning I read a NYTimes column which, I think, supports that view, but the comments to the article were MOSTLY from those who feel that AGW has NOT been proven and that the level of dissent is, indeed, significant. Further the common claim was that pro-AGW people were "on the take". (My comment was one of the few that expressed an opinion in support of what I THOUGHT was accepted science.
There are more than a few scientists on this board. What' up, Guys?

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I know that the Navy is taking it seriously with their bases at sea level and rising.
What a great paper. I wonder if I could get it references in NYT.

Among the experts in the field, there is no real controversy. Among people who are not experts but like to form opinions anyhow without checking the facts, there is. The comments section of the NY Times is not exactly a group of experts.  Would you also doubt the evidence supporting evolution because of the comments on an online forum?


In short, the science says it is real. What the comments wish were true has no influence on that.

Generally NYT commenters are generally pretty clued up folks.

What if the vast majority of THIS forum were to counter something that, while you hadn't studied it first-hand, you thought was established fact. Wouldn't you ask some questions?

I'm not denying AGW, I'm just asking for more information.

"Among the experts in the field, there is no real controversy."

Oops, I just went back to the article comments to find snippets to reply to your statement. I read more carefully. There were more defenders of AGW than I had thought. There were more looneys than I had remembered. I remain surprised at this. Such folks don't generally even READ NYT - much less submit comments.

Sorry and thanks. Should I delete this discussion?



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