We've had several mass school shootings in recent years and they all, to my recollection, have one thing in common. They don't seem to happen in inner city schools. They happen for the most part in mostly white suburban or small town schools. 


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The answer is 42. That is regardless of what I say next...

 Inner city kids don't often have the means and the combo of a lot of firepower and a bullet proof vest. It's easy to get a throw away .25 or .22 I know from experience. Not so easy to get a friggin semi automatic rifle. Let alone transporting it (home?) or across town on a bus to a school with out being noticed.

 Furthermore when you get into different cultures you get into different agendas. Inner city Kids want/need money. Listen to a lot of hip hop? The typical radio song talks about making millions. Yeah it would be nice and lets face it in the burbs the thousands they may have may look like millions to the impoverished.

 Then you go to the burbs and its a bit different. (I live in a very segregated town by the way) and the pressure is much different. It's politics, rebellion against parents, religious views and pressures, there is not suppose to be any real problems in the home, it's all crammed in and they have the money for the fucking outlet. It's desperation to send a message that has been brushed off as inconsequential accompanied with the conflicting belief that they always have a voice. They are in fact white kids aren't they?!

 It is the knowledge enough to be dangerous but not to be compassionate. It is at the same time the ignorance and hypocrisy that they've been taught and they may even question. It's the things they see that makes them want to pop on a daily basis. It's the fact that they get a slap on the wrist while poor kids get arrested.

It's the warnings sign that people see but it ain't as loud as others.  It's the belief that "my seed  couldn't be as fucked up" as another.

 It's racism passed down from the parent that say people like us aren't that desperate. It's the muted. It's the curse they told you you had in church.

 It's everything that never made sense and everyone will pay at your expense.

 Everything from the girl trouble come and passed to the bubbles that rolled up your ass in the bath. It's all that is so subtle it's hard to describe it's the mother fucking hubble that shows hows small is are lives.

 It's complete saturation, nothing discrete. It's pornography -just ask Unseen.

It's cans and can't it's atheism forum rants. It's too many minutes alone when you wonder if you're a fucking clone.

 It's the familiar cut of a knife -it's a suburban white kid thats life.


 Everything from the girl trouble come and passed to the bubbles that rolled up your ass in the bath. It's all that is so subtle it's hard to describe it's the mother fucking hubble that shows hows small is are lives.

Did you just make that up or does it come from a song cause that is Awesome :)

Yeah just made that up. heheh  It's not that I wasn't taking the post seriously... I guess it was my way of saying it could be anything but I understand the cultural contrast that unseen was talking about.

 I use to be a slam poet and still rap. If anything I've ever experienced is somewhat like demonic possession its my urges to write in rhyme.

 @unseen. Sorry I wasn't trying to make lite of your topic. I apologize if it seemed that way. I meant no disrespect.

One should write as the muse takes us!

One should rhyme as our brain cells flash!

Keep up the good work, else the muse will flash elsewhere.

Love the wordy and prosey notes,

Keep the witty brain cells off standby,

Cast your seeds and the muse will grow!

Also, nearly all serial killers are caucasian (Whitman, Bundy, Bianchi, BTK, etc.) and most often Christian-raised.  Does that say something about white Christians?  Just asking.

Only the isolation of a misfit stuck in middle-class suburbia could spawn such malice.

Never heard of the "black rage" syndrome.

When priviledge meets harsh reality, white boys and white men seem to think they are entitled to take their revenge on the world.

Yeah Colin Ferguson, Kendall Francois, Anthony Sowell. It's really only about race if you're a racist.

Read my comment again, Hank.  What else do white boys and white men have in common?  Next, you'll be calling me a sexist.  Oh, snap.  Name calling doesn't change the statistics.  It's good that you can identify three outliers.  Now take a step back and consider the rest of the data.

Middle class white males do not have a culturaly acceptable outlet for their agressions. In an inner city school people fight one another, jump each other, form gangs, and withith the context of their surroundings it's normal. Now a white middle class boy may be taunted, both inside and outside of school, and pushed, and pushed, and pushed beyond the breaking point, but they have no culturaly lagitamized way to fight back. Their aggresion just builds up over time untill it spills over and they say "Fuck it, if life is just going to be a torture session, and I'm the worlds door mat then I'm just going to burn the whole shit show to the ground and pump it full of bullets".

 Poor people suffer a lot, but have age old outlets for their aggresion, rich people don't suffer very much, if at all, but middle class people suffer much the same way as poor people do, but are expected to walk lifes tight rope with the same dignity and poise as the rich.    

No outlet for their aggressions? What about video games, paintballing, enrolling in martial arts courses?


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