We've had several mass school shootings in recent years and they all, to my recollection, have one thing in common. They don't seem to happen in inner city schools. They happen for the most part in mostly white suburban or small town schools. 


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I expect that the shooter was just applying what he knew as to 'how it gets done'. Are the results of other shootings, as a twisted form of training, being used by the next, as just a copy cat? Modeling...

If we could just get the next wanabe shooter to model something differently, like bringing a gun to school firing into ceiling, then laying down on the floor giving up to the local police. Or putting on a big sign over his chest reading, 'I wanted to kill you, but I can't afford a gun, sorry', then finding a nice chair to sit in to wait till someone notices. The justice department could even do something like this as a sting operation, to draw the quiet twisted folks out, so they can get some help...  

Gods know they can afford it.

Sadly I have known my share of rich people that only appear rich on the surface. They are many times deeply in debt, trying to put on a show of elitism and power. The middle class, can do the same thing, but the props seem thiner and more glossy.

I worked for a fellow several years ago, that was moving into a much nicer house. He owned several rentals in the area, that I had some repair interests in. I was helping him move. While I was repairing the old house, he and his family where packing. I over heard a very loud outburst from him one afternoon, '"Damn I hate all this shit, why did I ever think it was important?' I came up behind him and said,'"You know if you would like to have a conversation about mis-placed materialism, we could compair notes!"

Latter I gave up working for him. Our relationship seemed always to be about 'ME big guy, you little peeon!' Screw that!  


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