Can God create another god even greater than himself? If not, is he then not omnipotent?

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But Christians have never shied away from paradoxes before, have they? He's one, he's three, he's three-in-one. He gives us free will on the one hand but subjects us to laws of the universe which seem to operate without exception, unless HE intervenes to perform a miracle, of course. He made the universe, he made the laws under which it operates, which are logical laws, but does HE live inside the universe subject to it laws, including logic, or does the universe exist separately from him, freeing him of its laws?


Lots to think about there.


Can god create a universe that doesn't need a god to create it?  If so, then the god hypothesis is unnecessary.

Does God know the process to create another God? If not, is IT then not omniscient?

Ask Max Headroom - he would know ;)

Max WHO?




I'm keeding! I'm keeding!!!

Actually, your answer is right here ;)

Here's another one I've come up with, it's not likely to be original considering how much thought has been poured into this sort of thing, but it's valid as far as I can tell... I don't believe it includes full omnipotence, unless you count perfection:


If God is perfect and completely good, and he is also omniscient, (he knows all, past/present/future):

If something tragic occurs, he is:

a) Testing our faith, however...

      He cannot test our faith, because he is both perfect and omniscient. Since he already knows everything, testing us would be unnecessary and thus not possible because he's perfect. Ergo, the universe breaks (or something).

b) Not entirely good, since he is intentionally (an accident would imply imperfection) causing harm.

Whats funny is that in order for the universe to be able to support life, electromagnetism and gravity have to be 100% accurate to tens of decimal places, if it were one millionth of a decimal place off, the universe would fall apart. Thus, god could not have created the universe in any other way, it was this way or no way. If god cannot create a universe in any way he wants, he is not omnipotent.

You're assuming he can't create any universe he wants with any physics he wants. He's magical. Remember: miracles!

Actually no, those are the premises of the fine tuning argument and they are flawed. You are narrowing them down even further than the argument needs to Universes compatible with life in general, which widens the possibilities even further, perhaps into the realm of pure speculation.

"And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made."


If I were omnipotent, no amount of universe-making would make me feel like I needed a nap.

Well, God might be just lazy.


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