I'm not too sure what to put here. I haven't got a profile with my real name on it due to the nature of the area of work i'm involved in. If someone searched my name and it landed with this result there is an unfortunate possibility that my client base could be narrowed down due to religious beliefs. I'm a birth worker, we'll leave it at that

female, mother of 3 girls. raising them as freethinkers of course. 

I run a blog (i won't spam the address) which is mainly word vomit on how i'm feeling about various news stories, issues i have with the primary school (SO MANY!!) and I've started to collect de-conversion stories over there now too. thanks to twitter! its nice to see people i don't actually know want to get involved with that kind of thing

anyway, hi 


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Hiya. I am also in the UK. 37 year old mother to a 7 year old daughter. Welcome! Look forward to seeing you around. :)

Ello! Welcome to TA. This place is a great sounding board for frustrations that I have no doubt you will need if your client base is so religious.

Hi AA!

I just joined this group yesterday and I'm still trying to learn my way around here!  I'm also looking for friends, new and old members.  Please send me a friend invite and we can muddle thru this together!


thank you everyone for such warm welcomes :) i already have a question about religion in UK primary schools (no denominational ones) so when my littlest daughter (15 months old) gives me twenty minutes to type it out i'll find a place to post it.

as it's a very specific UK based question i'm not too sure on whether i'll be able to get help here but i wasn't really sure where else to ask. 



ps. someone said it was ok to post my blog address - so it's amplified-atheist.blogspot.com

Hiya - this is my main concern. I have posted questions about it here and had battles with my daughter's schools. For some reason I cannot paste my question. I spent my childhood fearful of Hell because of school and my daughter got extremely upset about stories about Noah's ark, rivers of blood and the killing of the first born sons. I have also reported my daughter's school for teaching creationism as a fact which is not allowed. Its such a good school but way more Christian than average. Had a big row with the headmistress when I said I was withdrawing my daughter from RE because the topics are not suitable for children - she said I had no right to remove her from history so what would I do when they learnt about the Tudors? I told her that unless they were planning to tell her Mary Tudor was immortal, all powerful, able to torture and kill her at any time and that this is actually a good thing and we should worship her, my daughter would not be afraid for her life as she was with the bible stories.

I actually have a bit of breathing space now as my daughter's teacher is an atheist and seriously concerned about religion in schools and is particularly on guard on my daughter's behalf - she was referred to a psychologist for anxiety after all that.  Will look out for your question. :)

I've posted it just now in atheist parenting. 

that sounds like a really tough time for you and your daughter! i definitely want to sit in on some of the RE at school or an assembly if i can, just to make sure my aim isn't off - i could be making a fuss about nothing...

Hello AA and welcome. I believe we are in the same profession. I was surprised to read that your client base could be narrowed down due to religious beliefs, I make no secret of mine here in the Netherlands and have no problems so I wonder why there is a difference, curious. We have friends in the UK and they have primary school aged children and they say that the UK has become so obcessed with measuring schools performance and publishing school league tables that they are forgetting to properly educate the children. Is this how you see it ?


it was precautionary - i'd be upset to hear that a mother didn't choose me to be at her birth because i was atheist. x 

as for the schools, they do spend a lot of time focussing on league tables i think, to be honest tho as mine have only been in education since last year i've not really been exposed to much of whether they're not educating the kids properly. I do know that i'm not happy with the amount of religious saturation at the school here though. It's brand new and so finding it's feet, but as the chair of governors is a baptist minister i think her hand is well and truly glued to how the place is run - the area where i live is about 90% christian, its a new development in our town of really lovely houses but as the minister was placed here BY the church to build the community it seems she's dragging all the new residents into her cult! about 6 families who weren't christian before have been baptised in her garden in a pool - by her....its terrifying. 

Try CTRL V for "paste"

hello - i'm not sure what you mean by that? 

hiya AA,he was referring to Helen's last post where she mentioned having problems with pasting.There are quite a few of us from the U.K on here now which is great so have fun,you will find this is a great site to be involved with.

oh i feel silly now! i read her reply at least twice ! <blush>


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