Hey all! Just wanted to share a little about myself real fast before I jump into this site head first. I have been a part of a few 'Religious' based forums and they all seem to be filled with either trolls looking to get people bent out of shape......or very little activity. I stumbled on think atheist a few days ago and can't stop reading. Y'all seem very straight to the point and a well rounded mix of different views. I am excited to get involved.

I left the Catholic Church 14 years ago and spent a good 10 years in search of my path. I became a non-believer about 4 years ago and feel so much better about everything in life. I am into politics and religion and work as an Air Traffic Controller in the Air Force. (So I love a debate to say the least!) I am married with 4 kids and currently live in Okinawa, Japan. (I am deployed at the moment to Iraq) Been in the Military 7+ years and will do my 20 despite a lot of iffy feelings about the path of the Military.

I look forward to talking to all of you! Many Thanks to all of you for coming together and giving this guy an avenue to share thoughts and feelings.

-November Kilo

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Welcome aboard Nicolas! Hope to see you around the forums real soon.
Welcome to TA Nicholas!!! 

Thanks for the welcome guys! 

Welcome, Nicholas!
Welcome to the site! My husband is also in the military. Stay safe out there!
Welcome to T|A! I hope you find the site as enjoyable and informative as I do.
Welcome. I almost went ATC when I enlisted. How do you like it? I'm in the same boat. Doing my 20 despite some iffy feelings.
I love my job for sure. It is the perfect job for someone who gets bored easily. Not to get into too much detail.....but what branch are you in? Thanks for the welcome!

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Happy to join your community.........



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