I had to post this, just because it bothered me alot.
So many people think like this, and it's freaking ridiculous.
So much of this article is blaringly idiotic and inaccurate, I can't even begin to tear it to pieces.

"In light of the many recent attacks by anti-Christian and atheist groups on God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible, I thought it would be worthwhile to revisit the piece and update it for our time. There's no telling how many children have driven by a billboard that denounces Christianity as a lie or have viewed a television ad poking fun at their faith. These children deserve the same affirmation that Pharcellus gave young Virginia so many years ago.

Dear Mr. O'Leary,

I am nine years old. Some of my friends in school say there is no God and that Jesus Christ is a myth. They get this information from TV and so do my two little brothers who are six and seven.

My brothers have been so upset seeing the billboards on TV. They don't like that their Christmas parades and parties have been changed to winter parades and winter parties. What is so wrong about Christ or Christmas?

My father has read your books and says if anyone can answer this for me it is you. So please tell me the truth. Is there a God?


VIRGINIA, your classmates and your brothers have been made afraid by people who are angry at children who believe and at parents who have tried to raise their children in the best of moral ways. They have been taken advantage of by a small group of people who are affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe what they can't see. They think that nothing exists that is not comprehensible by their minds. "

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HAHAHAHAHAHA! Good jokes, great times. 


I dunno why this bothers everyone. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter. These people are fools. They will not learn, they will not yield; sh*t, they can't even learn to live with each other and be tolerant of the fractional differences in the different religious subdivisions.


Who cares? Another arrogant, ignorance, dogmatic, selfish, close-minded, insecure, bigoted, delusional f*cks. What else is new? LOL

For me it's less about the writing. I expect people of that mind to write ignorant and delusional things. I just get annoyed with those that comment on the writings.


Whereas it feels like a relative amount of civility takes place in a forum like this, the comments in favor of writings like this are filled with vitriol and hate towards "the other". That kind of internal extremism is something the world needs less of. 


Granted, we have ripped the article to shreds and demonstrated our own distaste and anger towards the writing and those that would believe its words, I doubt highly that many here would express the same kind of hate as:


"Its classic Marxist dogma, you can't be free unless you denounce religion... ...Thats takes us back to Hitlers answer to Marx's jewish question..." 


"Tell the next non-believing Leftists (from the Department of Redundancy and Repitition Office) that they need to spread the word, 
"There is NO MOHAMMED!" 
outside of their nearest mosque, too. Watch them crumble. Heh."


"Brad, if you were an enlightened Liberal this article would be titled: Yes, Virginia, There is a Government."


In retrospect, perhaps hate is not the word I am looking for. I suppose what gets to me is the way the arguments of theist seem permanently linked to politics and their place on the world stage. Also, I know there will always be a few who seek to be extreme, while others are more sane and rational. But that it feels like there are so many more extreme theist views popping up is what bothers me about it.


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