Another famous Atheist - Shirley Manson from Garbage!

I´ve seen Garbage twice live, huge fan, front row. So happy to see this!

Recording Artist

Shirley Manson is the lead singer in the alternative/rock band Garbage.

In a September 1998 Rolling Stone article titled "Spirit In The Sky" by Elissa Blake, Manson talks about growing up in a religious family:

Growing up in Scotland, did you have a strict Presbyterian upbringing?

The perverse thing about my spiritual growth as a child was that my father was my Sunday school teacher. We grew up very much under Scottish Presbyterian schooling. I went to church every Sunday and when I was about 12, I had a huge fight with my father over the dinner table. I'm screaming at him that religion's a sham, it's crazy and I'm not going to church anymore, it's just bullshit. I stopped going after that but I used to have theological debates with him every Sunday until I went mental at him one day and said, "How could Jesus have fed the 5000, it's impossible, it's bullshit." And he looked at me and laughed. He said, "Of course it's not to be taken literally" and I stopped dead in my tracks. He said, "You must look at the Bible almost like Aesop's Fables, it's just fundamental truths that the Bible discusses, it's not to be taken word for word." And ever since then I loosened up my view of organised religion.

Do you believe in God?

No, not at all.

The article is located at

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Absolutely brilliant. I have said this time and time again, a lot of those who attend Church only do so because it seems to fulfil a need to 'do the right thing'. Any right minded person knows that the Bible is mostly fable, if not all, as we only have the word of those who said they saw things whilst on their own, convenient eh..
I have written a poem basically saying why doesnt god send down Jesus now to feed not the 5000 but the 5 billion or so starving now. Of course that is impossible as we know now this could never happen, so how could it thousands of years ago.
god is a money making project created by man for his own ends.
That´s very true. You seem brilliant, and I would love for you to write more about your thoughts on my website. Please, if you´re interested, PM me as soon as possible and I´ll add whatever you write about. No pressure.

And Shirley is LOVELY. I met her actually.


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