Is the hacktivist group called Anon good or bad in your opinion?

As a member of Anon i would like peoples input and try to understand what the misconceptions that are out there.

Also check out my video's and blog on this subject in sure you will find many things there you like.


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if i understand you correctly then your saying our government is a open government as in they tells us all? and if that is the case then your next statement is WE know what our governemt is up too?


if that is correct i dont understand why your on this site.  as our government is far from open. it has never told us THE people what it is up too. that bieng said, i would suggest you look into our cause a little harder and stay away fropm places like fox news machine, and the mass media, as they will obscure the truth to what ever corp is paying the light bill that week. ny secrets we have exposed were and still are for the good of the country, well lets just say it this way the good of THE PEOPLE. the same ones who are and have been lyed to by the government. our big issue is freedom of information, and freedom of speech with out censorship. all three of those things our government is guilty of everyday.

if i have misunderstood then please feel free to reaspond as i have been behind a comp for a little over 23 hours straight my processes arent so clear at the time im typing this.

I don't think you understood him correctly, he's praising you as an agent against the secrecy of government. :)

I think you missed this one specifically:

A foil is a person who contrasts with another character (usually the protagonist) in order to highlight various features of the main character's personality: to throw the character of the protagonist into sharper focus. ...

I have mixed views on Anonymous, I support it in some one ways, and disaprove of it in others. I agree with your groups causes in a 50-50 ratio. What I mainly like about this group, is that you choose to speak of what you believe in and do not hide so much. I can not say much about this group as it seems secretive in a way to me, but I understand this completely though. Most people see all of you as a bunch of hackers that want to take over the goverment. I don't know how much of this is actually true, but it sometimes seems to be this way. I do not like you unorganized ways, but maybe this is for the best in your guys situation.


What I don't like about this group, goes to the fact that you views seem somewhat more in your own groups interest and not in the worlds. If you are really goinng to fight, you must fight for the fear in the peoples hearts. I don't believe that you have captured this goal yet as you guys aren't showing yourselves how you really should be.


I honestly wished that I had known about this group in the beginning., but this is fine. I really didn't find out about Anonymous until I had heard about your first phase, this got me interested in your group. But long before I had heard of this group of yours, I had created one of my own. Obviously I am not with Anonymous entirely, as I have never been in contact with any of you, but I am in the sense of what I think of your group. My group is mainly for equality and a more fair enviorment for the young like myself, but as well as the old too. I will not give you our name, but if we our successful in our efforts, maybe I will not have too. We are no where near the size of Anonymous, but we are growing at a high rate everyday and are working to be as well known as this group. We do not wish to be in a immature contest of views and praise from the many supporters, but we do wish to be far greater than this group in the years to come. We are fresh and new, but we are strong and will not hold back.


I hope to hear more about this group in the near future, and I hope that the majority is of subjects that I agree on. I wish Anonymous the best of luck in your path, and that you may be very successful in your goals if they are well.


Also I hope to see more footwork and less of the hacking as my group is almost entirely footwork and I believe that this is the right way in handeling issues. Although times have changed, but we mush keep good use of the history that is not so ill.

I like some of what Anon does. Like Co$ and Op-Tunisia.  I'm all for going after tyrant dictators who cheat people out of money and the ex-leaders of Tunisia.


Some I don't like. Like Op-Sony. So what, you closed down PSN for a few months. It kinda, sort of, maybe inconvenienced me, if you squinted really hard...I don't really care, because I got free shit out of the deal...


Now, with the whole 'November, November, the 5th of November. The Gunpowder Treason and Plot' deal...I really don't care. As long as I'm not inconvenienced, I really don't care. Don't like it? Welcome to the internet...


Have fun storming the Castle! 

You are not a member of Anon. The point of Anon is there is no members. We are all Anon, and nobody is Anon. Just had to put it out there.


Also, as participant in some of Anons campaigns, I'd say: good.

I support them. 

I believe you are convoluted.

You fight against government secrecy while being a secret organization.

You fight against suppression of speech by suppressing others speech.

You demand accountability while being anonymous.

Don't get me wrong, I know governments are corrupt.  I also know gorilla tactics are effective.

I also know that both you and the government have the same mentality, so I do not see you as a Robin Hood, rather just as a "feel good" reflection of the bad in people that make the government bad in the first place.

To me anonymous has two sections, the hackers and the footman. For the hackers, I believe that they are in fact some sort of group and hack together. But for the footman, these people seem to just be followers of Anon and carry out their field work. Much like pawns in a chess game.

Now with Anon be our last hope, I would say yes and no to this. No, because they are just one of numerous organizations and people fighting against a world gone terribly wrong. But yes in the fact that they are definitely the strongest and most well known of these groups.

To say if Anon is good or bad could be argued for centuries. So to me, they are neither, but their final result will justify who they are.

Now if I am just pain wrong on the fact that Anon is its own private group with minor public sections as well. Well then that would technically mean that me and my group are also part of Anon, or at the least the idea of Anon. But either way, I am still half and half on my support for Anon, and I will continue to lead my own group into what we believe is the right way.

And finally, Anon to is a group that is based off on freedom, in which I agree on. But it still lacks overall purpose, and for that reason, I cannot put my full faith into this group. But I will make my own stronger as we have this purpose that Anon can never have.

"but their final result will justify who they are"

The ends justify the means is truly unjustifiable.  Cheney and Bush used it to justify torture.

I am in general agreement with what I've seen so far. I can only hope that there is equal effort to hound corporations and lobby groups for their bad/secretive deeds as public institutions. Unfortunately, it's easier to prey on public institutions because the expectations of good behaviour are higher. But in terms of real power to effect change in society, I think hitting corporations/lobby groups is more powerful.

You could go back and forth making cases about the group itself being good or bad (in my personal opinion I would say they are GOOD!) So instead of making a shaky case proclaiming that 'they' are good or bad - I would just say with absolute confidence that it is definitely a GOOD thing that we have the presence of this group. Actually I thank god for anonymous...I'm so appreciative for the efforts of hacktivists and I just cringe whenever I hear about one being taken to jail. To me most of them are heroes. Like I said I truly thank god for  them and for what they do.


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