I can't figure out for the life of me why people can't be nice to each other.  I'm so tired of being nice to people who do not deserve it.  I'm sure anyone in customer service can understand, but it's not only in that respect that I am vexed.  South Florida is a place like nowhere else on earth.  You never really know where you stand with anyone or anything.  It also seems that really terrible people have pretty awesome lives....and that makes me want to punch a baby....Just ranting.

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Robyn, If you haven't heard this before than listen to the end. Believe me it will help. 


One of the crucial aspects of Life (in general) is that Life is greedy and selfish.  Living things do not exist to help or be nice to one another.  They exist to survive (which means selfishly using up any available resource that they personally require, even at the expense of harming others; look at bacteria that cause disease in their hosts, look at aggressive plants that choke out others near them, look at every single predatory animal that kills to eat; none of these things are done to be "mean", they are all merely survival methods. The cost to others is not a factor.)

So at our cores, we are greedy and selfish, with no true cares but to survive at whatever cost (generally with the ultimate goal of procreating, but that's a side topic)

"Lower" creatures, the ones that lack our higher brain functions, have no extra rules placed on them.  They have no judgement of "nice" or "not nice".  But humans are different.  Thanks to our minds that are capable of operating above our base instincts, we have developed a set of extended, non-basic, wants and desires. And among them, there is the desire to be treated "nicely" (or, more precisely, to not be treated "mean")

Unfortunately, our basic greedy and selfish drives extend their grip to these new areas.  Our animal selves have no problem being "mean", and will do so whenever they are allowed and there is some perceived benefit to doing so.

We've established a set of rules that we're all supposed to follow to prevent us from abusing one another, but these rules are in constant combat with our true selves.

Some people are good at keeping up the fight.  Some people can hold their natural ways at bay, and live by the rules.  Some are so good at it that they just seem to be naturally and effortlessly "nice".

But, there are others who are not so good at controlling it.  Some by choice and some by a lack of ability.  And many just by temporary weakness (focusing their efforts on other, more basic problems leaves them unable to keep the cage locked up)

These "mean" people, in this light, really should be looked upon with pity, because there is something wrong with them that is likely beyond their control that has broken their ability to control themselves (either the problem is too big, or they are too weak).


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